Rumor & Innuendo: Rumblings From the World of Sports

Dynamic Duo.
Together again after all these years for a tour of Japan are the hottest duo since Jordan and Pippen. I’m talkin’ NRBQ’s Terry Adams and Steve Ferguson. Uh, oh yeah, the tandem are rock and rollers, not ballers. My point — not that you feel my pain — is that this is the most fallow season for the sports rumor biz. Like I said last week, nobody’s got nothin’, and them’s that do ain’t talkin’. OK, I’m off the pitty pot.

Dynamic Duo, part deux.
So now we know that former future teammates, then Blue vs. Red rivals, Rajon Rondo and Taquan Dean, have the same agent and are roomies in Chitown while prepping for the NBA draft. What’s left unsaid about this tale is that Rondo never finished the semester in school. Or so it would appear from the timing of the beginning of his training regime. Frankly it’s not a surprise. Big time athletes have been leaving college when their eligibility is up since Red Grange played a pro game the day after his last as a Fighting Illini. (And that was when you could say Fighting Illini with pride without the political correction brown shirts knocking on your door.)

Speaking of Rondo …
I got an e-mail the other day. Subject line: “Rondo Shaving Points?” The message read: “Check out I heard he was throwing games.” Well, I surfed over to check it out. I ignored the UK superfanatic board founder’s statement about U of Smell and Loserville, and tried to find out what my e-mailer was referring to. Couldn’t immediately find anything, and after an exhaustive 45-second search, gave up my quest to verify the source of this most serious charge.

SchnellSpeak of the Week.
Sometimes a guy’s just gotta hike back up the mountain and kiss the guru’s ring. After the Florida Atlantic spring game, the SchnellMaestro had these comments: “Even though it was not the best, there was improvement and we are proud of that. The offense was able to put things together by overcoming dropped passes and corrected the fumbled exchanges. Defensively, we were able to see where we might be.” Ain’t clarity a marvelous thang?

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