Rumor & Innuendo

Apologies to Taquan.
My heartfelt apologies to Taquan Dean. In last week’s issue, I indicated that the beloved Cardinal hoopster left school before the semester was complete to move to Chicago with Rajon Rondo to prepare for the NBA draft. While Rondo did leave UK months ago, I’m advised that Dean finished the semester before heading to Chitown. U of L Assistant AD Kenny Klein further indicates that Dean has but one course to complete before graduation.

More mea culpa.
I’ve been dissin’ U of L’s baseball team this season for underachieving. No mo’. The Cards’ nine ran off 12 straight wins before falling in the Big East tourney final to Notre Dame.

Speaking of spring sports …
both U of L and UK have had boffo years. Track teams and softball teams and baseball teams and golf squads and rowing crews have all excelled. And I’ll be darned, fans from both schools seem to be paying more attention.

What kind of a school?
As U of L’s football program continues increasing its national presence, a contingent of fans is calling the long-time hoops power “a football school.” It may be true. Travel to Athens. Athens, Greece, not Athens, Georgia or Ohio. The university has an M.B.A. program facility there. When visitors walk in the door, they’re greeted by a photo of football coach Bobby Petrino.

Cats’ recruiting woes.
You think Big Blue fans aren’t in a funk about the state of Tubby’s recruiting? If ya go to the recruiting forum at, there are no posts over the last 10 days, and only one in the last 20.

On the other hand …
watch for a major leap in stature for Seton Hall. From the get-go, new coach Bobby Gonzalez has been snagging major northeastern talent from under the noses of more traditional powers.

QB problems at  West Virginia.
If starter Pat White goes down, so might the Mountaineers’ pigskin season. Second-stringer Adam Bednarik (the starter early last season) is out for the season. The former third-teamer is playing pro baseball. Another potential backup transferred. Which leaves Rich Rodriguez with few options if his star gets hurt.
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