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Wha happened?
Back when they were just amateurs, playing hoops for the sheer love of the game and dear ol’ alma mammy, weren’t Dwyane Wade and Reece Gaines about the same? Well, the former Card looks three and done. Three NBA teams in three years and not much of a future in the league. He’s totaled 123 points for his career. Which is a mere 4,762 less than his former Marquette rival. Go figure.

Motown Report, Part Deux.
How come all the news here from Motor City, where GM may be down for the count? Because that’s my birthplace, so, like, get used to it. Hockeytown is currently Sportstown USA. Yeah, I know the Lions haven’t been a force since the NFL’s stars had names like Pudge and Bronco. But, hey, the Red Wings and Pistons finished this season with the best records in their respective leagues. Both are favored to come with the double-double championships. And, how ’bout those Tigers? They be hangin’ tough in the AL’s toughest division. Chris Shelton has the most taters, the most triples and his BA is hovering around .400. Mike Maroth is 3-0, hasn’t given up a run since Easter and has an ERA less than 50¢. Guess that Jim Leyland was a good hire.

Break for the Wolfpack.
Sure, N.C. State was jilted by Barnes and Calipari. And, yes, AD Lee Fowler is looking more like the class clown by the day. But, hey, they lucked out when LSU’s John Brady gave ’em the cold shoulder. Forget the Final Four appearance, the guy can’t coach his way through a fire exit. He’ll be out of work in 24 months. The Wolfpack are looking for a “name,” but could do a lot worse than rolling the dice with a young turk, like, say, Kevin Willard.
Caracter development.

We’re advised U of L’s next pivotman was declared NCAA-eligible without passing either the SAT or ACT. He made the grade under a provision that allows exemptions for athletes with legit learning impediments. And, yo, before you Blue fans start harrumphing, check to see if there haven’t been some Cats (and major stars elsewhere) who marched through that same door.

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