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Who’s your daddy? Where did you read mid-February that UCLA would crash the Final Four? No need to spell it out. As for the rest of my bracket … next topic.

Iron Butterfly. Am I having one of those acid flashbacks they always promised us back in the day, or is that really “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” playing in the background of a Fidelity Mutual Funds commercial? Speaking of acid, did Memphis and UCLA play like they’d swallowed some purple microdot or what? U-G-L-Y. On the other hand, the Bruins are in the real Final Four, and your team probably isn’t.

Sayonara J.J. For those who want one last moment with the college hoopster we all love to hate, check out: And if you need one mo’ Coach K commercial, check out this cartoon:

New at Mizzou? Talk about some Tigers landing on their feet. Mizzou has hired the cream of the new coaching crop — UAB’s Mike Anderson. The Show Me folks are still pissed at AD Mike Alden for how he fired pretty boy scofflaw Quin Snyder. And they’re really mad he wouldn’t consider Huggy Bear for the slot, especially when he was hired down the road by league rival K State.

Question du jour. Why can’t U of L’s baseball team, with a heralded coach and superstar pitching coach, get over the hump?

Too much fun. That’s what U of L’s NIT games were at Freedom Hall. No commercials. No hyped intros. No old fart fans sitting on their butts. And three stalwart efforts by the Cards. Which brings me to this mea culpa …
I was wrong. It is obvious now that Louisville’s decision to play in the NIT — for purely financial reasons or not — was the right one. If Brian Johnson’s knee fully heals, watch out, the Cards got a playah!!!!

The best zebra. Kudos to Debbie Hartlage, Kentucky high school field hockey ref of the year.

The worst zebras. Brickbats to most everybody calling college hoops games. Tilts this season — and post-season — have been rougher than arena football. U of L-Mizzou St. was a rugby scrum. Disgusting.
Knights movin’ up????? There’s a bit of buzz about Bellarmine. People are saying the Knights are considering a move to NCAA Division I in hoops. Making a stab at actual reportage, I asked coach Scotty Davenport about it.

 He learned well from the masters he’s served. He referred me to his AD. Scott Wiegandt in turn referred me to Hunt Helm, a school veep. Hmmm. Helm, non-committal as the others, offered this: “Buzz is buzz. It sounds good.” He added, “Bellarmine has a big vision for the future.” So that’s all I got. Stay tuned.

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