Rumblings From the World of Sports


Colonels Redux.


Kentucky Colonels’ 1975 ABA champs were honored last year at the Derby Parade, and with induction into Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame. Now you can relive the victory as many times as you desire. Focal Point Productions has released a double DVD containing interviews plus the entirety of the Game 5 victory over the Indiana Pacers. Among the revelations: Artis Gilmore’s afro was significantly larger than the fabled coif of Darnell Hillman. “The Legend Retold” is available at ear X-tacy and Borders with a suggested price of $24.95.


While on the subject.

You jonesin’ for ABA memories? Check out, a truly great Web site. Or track down a copy of Terry Pluto’s “Loose Balls.” ’Tis one of the truly great sports reads.


Make up your mind already.

My Hoosier sources, who claim insider info, are now saying that Mike Davis is adios amigos at IU. That’s what they told me before the season, then changed their minds after the UK win. But they now insist that the decimation at lowly Minnesota was the last straw. Class, can we spell “fickle?”


Coincidence or correlation?

Since the UK-U of L football series began, there have been few if any superprep hoopsters from the state, but with each season, a rising tide of highly touted pigskinners. You figure it out. And when you do, mention it to the doofusses at UK who are doing all they can to dampen the effect of the game.


The Duke conspiracy.

While not inclined to such things, I’m beginning to think Duke does get special treatment. What happened at the end of its “win” at Boston College was a shanda. (That’s Yiddish for “a shame, embarrassment.”) First J.J. Redick pushes an Eagle while he’s shooting a trey at crunch time. No call. Then Sheldon Williams commits felonious assault without sentence on a lay-up at the end that would have tied the score.


Coming soon.

(But not just yet.) You will be able to read, in this very spot, the name of the Hidden Juggernaut®, this season’s surprise team that will make it to the Final Four and spur you to a surprise victory in your office’s March Madness pool. Stay tuned.