October 15, 2013

What a Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


Local food trucks took one giant step — or whatever the vehicle equivalent of a step is, one wheel rotation — toward proving their legitimacy to the general public this week. Food trucks must now display their most recent health inspections. This is something many owners have wanted since debuting their mobile meals. May I suggest a food truck celebration in front of the LEO office, say, around lunchtime?


A former police officer is accusing the Audubon Park Police Department of discriminating against him for being gay. Kile Nave says he endured derogatory name-calling and was charged with insubordination after filing a complaint within the department. An external investigation by the Louisville Human Relations Commission found probable cause for his claim, though the department denies wrongdoing. A lawsuit has been filed in court, and we’re just sighing. Just accept it already, everyone. Guys love guys sometimes — and that’s awesome.


The Bingham Fellows announced their 2014 topic and it’s … “Investing in West Louisville’s Path to Prosperity.” Specifically, the group of “social entrepreneurs” will focus on Portland, California, Russell and Park Hill. Applications will be accepted until Nov. 8. My guess is we’ll see some familiar faces from the revitalization scene, hopefully among the wealth of devoted advocates and activists whose work has long gone unnoticed.


The Progressive Change Campaign Committee held a rally last week to call for an end to the government shutdown. During all the protest sign-waving, a group of newly naturalized immigrants came out of the federal building with tiny American flags and new documents in hand. It was a stark reminder that people are still investing in the country. If only every politician would invest their energy in doing their job and getting people back to work.

World-classness: -3