August 28, 2013

What A Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


Frankfort’s passing of a redistricting bill in the special session last week was thoroughly overshadowed by the news of three House staffers filing sexual harassment complaints against Rep. John Arnold, D-Sturgis, also alleging that House leadership took insufficient corrective actions. While we wait for Arnold to get his creepy ass out of Frankfort, Republicans now move a step toward taking back the House and turning Kentucky into Mississippi.


Neighborhood revitalization continues in Portland, with longtime residents receiving thousands of dollars in much-needed home repairs, courtesy of a $2 million community development grant from the federal government and more than $500,000 in locally raised funds. The Portland Pride program will restore 75 homes, some of which are more than 100 years old. The facelift is designed to spur interest in the distressed neighborhood by showing positive changes. That’s something we already knew, but we’ll still celebrate.


Former Metro Council member and almost-mayor Hal Heiner ramped up the buzz for his potential 2015 run for governor last week, fielding questions on the topic and holding a charter schools forum featuring Sens. McConnell and Paul. Meanwhile, his would-be GOP primary opponent, Commission of Agriculture James Comer, hemmed and hawed when asked about his support for Republicans’ dream of taking on teachers’ unions via charters. Let the GOP purity test ensue.


Sun Residential, a local property management and real estate company, set up community gardens at two of its apartment complexes. According to a C-J article on the gardens, plots were in such high demand that managers had to hold a lottery. That commercial businesses are taking notice of community gardens and using them to bring residents together is a big step toward promoting urban agriculture.

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