August 21, 2013

What A Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


Just two days after performing verbal back flips when asked if she’s endorsing Sen. Mitch McConnell over challenger Matt Bevin, Metro Councilwoman and Tea Partier Marilyn Parker jumped in feet first, hitching her star to Team Mitch. Along with fellow endorser and birther Donald Trump, McConnell now has extra street cred among those who aren’t afraid to oppose our Muslim Kenyan overlord.


To combat overcrowding, Metro Corrections is reopening a jail from the ’50s, despite the fact the facility hasn’t met safety requirements in decades. Apparently, locking up human beings in a building with grave safety risks is a more viable solution than utilizing to their full extent alternatives like home incarceration or non-jail programs for non-violent offenders. If only we could lock up the place that locks people up.


When asked if he supports North Carolina’s new draconian voter registration law, anti-civil rights crusader Sen. Rand Paul said there is no “objective evidence” that black voters are being disenfranchised, and the Voting Rights Act is antiquated. Paul may be right about the Drug War’s disastrous effects, but his quixotic outreach to minority voters for his 2016 presidential run won’t help if they’re turned away from the polls.


On my first day of work at LEO, the Kentucky Farm Bureau denied me a press pass to a gubernatorial forum because they despised me. After LEO Editor Sarah Kelley called and chewed them out, I had my press pass. For the next two years, Kelley had my back every single day, taught me how to be a better writer, and no reporter could ever ask for a better editor. Every single person who worked for her feels exactly the same. Our loss is Louisville’s loss.

World-classness: -66