March 20, 2013

What A Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


Sen. Rand Paul had a big weekend at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, winning their 2016 straw poll and almost firing up the crowd of conservative outcasts as much as that half-term Alaskan governor from reality TV. Paul claimed he was the path to a younger, hipper GOP, which would make sense if not for the fact that more than half the electorate has a uterus and young’uns aren’t afraid of gay people.


Meanwhile, Sen. Mitch McConnell put the CPAC crowd to sleep, though he tried to continue hitching his wagon to Rand’s drone-filibuster star (which his Facebook ads label “Mitch & Rand’s filibuster”). Touting such young, male GOP presidential hopefuls, Mitch took a shot at Hillary Clinton by saying Democrats look more like “The Golden Girls.” Because old kick-ass ladies don’t vote, right?


A long list of LGBT and civil rights advocates joined forces — including the mayor and city council of Covington — in calling for Gov. Steve Beshear to veto HB 279, which could gut local fairness ordinances in Kentucky. After two weeks of “studying” the issue, Mayor Greg Fischer, who campaigned in 2010 on protecting Louisville’s fairness ordinance, finally joined the ranks in calling for a veto.


Restorative Justice Louisville announced plans to expand its pilot program connecting the victims of crime with their youth offenders outside of the courtroom, helping to mediate a settlement in a way that avoids juvenile convictions that can lead a young person spiraling down the wrong path. RJL now hopes to expand to the adult justice system.

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