July 2, 2014

What a Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


The rainbow tsunami of equal rights just can’t be stopped. After a federal judge struck down Indiana’s same-sex marriage ban last week, Judge Heyburn followed suit in Kentucky on Tuesday, saying of Gov. Beshear’s ridiculous “birth rate” excuse for discrimination: “These arguments are not of serious people.” Both rulings have been stayed until a higher court can rule on them, so we can’t start having fabulous gay marriage ceremonies in Louisville, yet … but start reserving your spaces.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., visited U of L Sunday to give a populist barnburner of a speech in support of Alison Lundergan Grimes. Warren called out Mitch McConnell for filibustering her bill to allow young people to refinance their student loans by closing tax loopholes for the wealthy, saying he “chooses billionaires over students.” Sure, we have a student loan crisis, but do we really want to give up loopholes for our private jets? Rudder the thought!


The Kentucky Office for Refugees expect a $2.28 million cut in federal funding, their portion of a $94 million transfer by the Office of Refugee Resettlement into the Unaccompanied Alien Children program, which has been overwhelmed by an influx of children. Catholic Charities of Louisville estimates the cut will result in 2,200 refugee children losing services in Kentucky’s public schools, 2,900 refugee adults losing assistance in locating employment or learning English, and 2,700 newly arrived refugees losing basic care needs. Nobody wins here.


Downtown parking will soon get more expensive. Starting this week, meters have increased by 25 cents to $1.50, rates at Market Street Garage and Paid in Advance will now be $6 (up from $5), and monthly rates at all PARC garages except Clay Commons will increase by $5. Then, in September, motorists who don’t pay meters on Saturdays will be ticketed. Maybe all this will prompt more people to use and support public transportation and environmentally friendly alternatives like bicycling.

World-classness: +5