Editor’s Note

Get to know your developer

Hey Louisville, do you know your downtown developer, the Cordish Cos. of Baltimore, Md.?

Here’s some background.

Suburban Turmoil

The PIRCS of parenthood

I’m following my 4-year-old daughter on a nature trail at the park when a woman pushes past me, stepping on my toe.

Summary of My Discontent

Naming the puppy

In these times of political change, economic upheaval and the disturbing re-appearance of AC/DC, it’s impossible to sidestep the burning question that’s on every American’s

Yep, I’m Gay

Shirt off your back

Two of the loveliest things about sentient beings such as we are our complications and contradictions (single-cell organisms are just so predictable).

Editor’s Note

Sunday school


Fables of the Deconstruction

I know I’m not wrong

Over the years, I’ve listened to more music than I probably should have.


Morality playoff

The scariest thing about Halloween this year wasn’t the costumes or the fact that the price of chocolate went up 14 percent.

Suburban Turmoil

Dads. Who needs ’em?

I learned something interesting this week:

Men are becoming obsolete.

The Church Hoppers

Music, marriage and a mosh pit

There was a lot going on in New Vision Ministry Center’s sanctuary.

Yep, I’m Gay

Homo class

I waited until my last semester at U of L to take my required science course.