Baby D's Bagels
$20 Worth of Food and Drink for Only $10
Suburban Turmoil

What I did for love

I wouldn’t call it my favorite way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. I’m lying on an examining table with my feet in stirrups and a sheet over my lap. 

Guest Commentary

We hold these truths to be self-evident

I was laid off from my job last week.  

This took only three moves:

1. The securities market went haywire.

Fables of the Deconstruction

O, death (or, Let the mystery be)

The inspiration to create art is rooted in man’s recognition of mortality.




Oct. 15-19

Comedian Josh Sneed 

Summary of My Discontent

Count your blessings

Mammaw always said that in tough times, it’s important to count your blessings. Well, somebody’s mammaw probably said that.

Suburban Turmoil

Mommy in the middle

I’m standing in a buffet line, staring at the back of Greta Van Susteren’s head.

Yep, I’m Gay

Where are all the gay people?

Is Louisville really the gayest city in Kentucky? I can understand why Somerset isn’t, but why not Lexington? And where was the competition held?

Editor’s Note

You’re ridiculous

If you’re voting for Barack Obama in a couple weeks, you’re ridiculous. 

Don’t you know anything? 

He’s a Muslim. 

And he’s an Arab. 


Desperation is the mother of necessity

The soundbites from the two situations have been nearly identical: “It is a lot of money, but we have to spend it.” “We don’t have an option.” 

Editor’s Note

Another ghost bike

The ghost bike you may have noticed chained to a tree on Bardstown Road between Baxter and Grinstead is for Jen Futrell.