Yep, I’m Gay

Team wonderdyke goes south

I woke up at 5 a.m. to the smell of cat pee.

Editor’s Note


This country needs an enema.


Livin’ large

Screw it. It’s doubtful anybody’s going to call for my resignation. It’s a long shot someone will even investigate me.

Raised Relief

Worldwide pants

Here are a few topics that were on my radar for this week’s column:

Fables of the Deconstruction

Innocent when you dream

A few days ago, I had an intensely vivid, violent nightmare.

Summary of My Discontent

Essential albums for Laura

Dear friends, I need your help. In just a few short weeks, my daughter Laura Rose will go off to college.

Yep, I’m Gay

Let’s talk about AIDS, baby

I missed out on my first kiss because of AIDS.

Editor’s Note

A new development

Lisa Dettlinger lives in a Victorian-style shotgun house on Lexington Road, the last in a row of similarly sized bungalows that line the north side of the stretch of road connecting Baxter Av

Keeping Up with the Jones

On race, class and the school system

ATLANTA—I did an NPR interview debating Ward Connerly on diversity and civil rights a few years ago. It was interesting.

Raised Relief

My bleeding AbioCor

When Michael Jackson died, about 5 percent of me believed he would come back.