Fables of the Deconstruction

‘Welcome to Costco, I love you’

To: Faceless multi-national conglomerates

From: Faceless Consumer #7348-3c

Subject: Please stop trying to sell me things. Please.


Piggish behavior all around

You say you’ve heard the story about three little pigs?

Not this one.

Keeping Up with the Jones

I am not Superman

Someone told me that I should write something lighthearted and happy this month. Lighthearted? Happy? Mean old me? OK, I’ll try.

Don't Ask, I'm Telling


Hello. (Ahem.)

My name is Pam Swisher.

(“Hi, Pa-aaam.”)

And I am … a gay-friendly-aholic.

Editor’s Note

Use your delusion

I was listening to “Francene” on WHAS Radio Monday morning, the first business day since the House of Representatives passed a comprehensive bill that, if allowed to remain relati

Summary of My Discontent

The metrosexual meter

So, I’ve been working on my personal style. For most of my 20s and 30s, my signature look consisted of a ponytail, ripped jeans and flannel shirts.

Editor’s Note

Good for (small) business

John Timmons doesn’t provide health insurance to his employees. Never has.


Not so pretty in pink

Poor November. It’s a month without a color, a month without a cause. Sure, Thanksgiving is fun, what with the Macy’s Parade, the turkey and the pie.

Raised Relief

The S word

“There exists a type of phenomenon, even more mysterious than telepathy or precognition, which has puzzled man since the dawn of mythology: the seemingly accidental meeting of two un

Guest Commentary

Brave new world

I was honored to be invited to the White House for the Green Energy Economy Forum to discuss “American competitiveness in the clean energy economy” two weeks ago.