Deconstructing me

It was my Gerald Ford moment. I became president of the South Carolina High School Thespian Society because the president’s parents decided to move to Wyoming.

Raised Relief

Saved in the lost and found

As I endeavored to do anything but write a column the other day, I was completely overcome by the need to hear a demo tape I recorded about eight years ago.

Don't Ask, I'm Telling

Homos in Hollywood

Back in the early 1990s, when I was a budding pre-teen lesbian, I used to dig through barrels of VHS tapes at the video store to find a movie that might have a hint of homosexuality in it.

Fables of the Deconstruction

For the good times

Sometime last year, I finally entered the digital age and got a cell phone. How did I go so long without it?

Summary of My Discontent

Sixth grade is a pain in the ass

[Jim Welp is on vacation. This column originally appeared in LEO in January 1971. -ed.]

Don't Ask, I'm Telling

Bring the change

Happy holidays to all! As we bid adieu to 2009 and welcome 2010, it seems like a good time to reflect, take stock, and figure out where we stand concerning matters that are important to us.

Fables of the Deconstruction

O come, all ye faithful

Last weekend, I engaged a clever bit of counter-programming.

Summary of My Discontent

A Christmas miracle

The man — grizzled, disheveled — sat down heavily on the leather mall couch and looked lovingly at his unlikely companion, a small bespectacled girl with blond pigtails.

Editor’s Note

Some kind of happiness

This is my last column for LEO Weekly. As of Jan. 1, News Editor Sarah Kelley will take the reins as I move on to a new job as editor of The City Paper in Nashville.


All they need for Christmas

Dear Santa,