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All that was once good, and that could be again

James Earl Jones, in the classic movie “Field of Dreams,” described the game of baseball this way:

Keeping Up with the Jones

Why demonizing others makes us feel better

I find no advantage in parroting points made by every pundit, blogger or pop social media analyst out there.

Summary of My Discontent

The thrill of privacy

By all accounts, we live in a post-privacy world.

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The Fruition Era

This week’s feature story, my first, is about “Resurfaced,” a project orchestrated by City Collaborative, a nonprofit that undertakes short-term, achievable projects to enhance Lo

In Visible Ink

The media on race, sexual orientation and gender-based violence

A recent study by the Public Religion Research Institute reveals that the old punchline about white folks having only one black friend might very well be true.

Fun with Shrapnel

Objektiv Part II

In doing research for this part of the discussion about a sustainable art event, I came across the Arts and Cultural Attractions group, a GLI business network, and the now 10-year-old Cultu

Stop Calling Me Surly

Chronicling Mconnell's devolution

Hello Mitch:

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Local Gems

I remember a time when the hot spot to eat in Louisville was T.G.I. Friday’s. That is like saying the popular beer in town was Miller Lite.

Summary of My Discontent

34 things to freak out about immediately

The physical world we think we see doesn’t actually exist but instead is created by our brains on the fly. You are starting to say more and more things your parents once said.

Editor’s Note

Second Chances Need Not Apply

To the domestic abuse victim and wife of Ray Rice — running back for the Baltimore Ravens and wife abuser — I apologize for writing this column.