Summary of My Discontent

Your next virtual vacation

When I studied geography in the fourth grade under the tutelage of Mrs. Diers at St. Mary’s School (Go Saints!), I had my first out-of-body experience.

Stop Calling Me Surly

Endangered handshake, sick nation

As Americans clamored to buy affordable health insurance early this month, the need was underscored by a sickening shutdown of the federal government.

Fables of the Deconstruction

Life of crime

Back when I was a kid, I fell into a bad crowd.

Summary of My Discontent

The sum of our exceptionalism

Much has been written in recent weeks about American exceptionalism, and, of course, we are exceptional thanks to our unique American notions of liberty and egalitarianism and fried potatoes that a

Stop Calling Me Surly

A fix of ‘Breaking Bad’

(Warning: This column contains series-finale spoilers.) One of the most awarded, brilliant and important series in television history has ended.

Fables of the Deconstruction

If you could read my mind

The man was a fraud, a charlatan! He was supposed to be a psychic, but, really, he used the same tricks all of the other supposed psychics use. It was actually kind of comical, obvious.

Keeping Up with the Jones

Jack Hunter is the man!

Some writers are bothered by hate mail. I’m not. In fact, I like it. You can’t write about the subjects I engage — politics, religion, race, empire, etc.

Stop Calling Me Surly

End pot prohibition

I’m pleased to note that Americans are increasingly fed up with our futile, foolish, unaffordable wars. In unprecedented numbers, we are weary of the war on weed.

Summary of My Discontent

The daily paper, 2013

In our fast-paced world of news and news-like information, it’s easy to forget the important role daily newspapers play in society, which is to provide seniors a festive, tactile maze to sift

Stop Calling Me Surly

Fear and groping in Frankfort

Two weeks ago, WFPL aired a story that rocked the state Capitol.