Summary of My Discontent

What kids want

“When (children) discover they cannot rewind or fast-forward a TV show, they are perplexed.

Guest Commentary

A Sweet Tea Party

Thanks to my friend, Dr. Ricky Jones, for the opportunity to clarify my position regarding my recent tweets on Sen. Rand Paul (see the Oct. 23 issue of LEO Weekly).

Fun with Shrapnel

Say what we cannot …

“There were always in me two women. One woman bewildered … and another who would leap into a scene as upon a stage.” —Anais Nin 

Stop Calling Me Surly

Deconstructing Camelot

We can only speculate how much the assassination of President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago changed history.

Fables of the Deconstruction

Coney Island baby

When I first started working in the dark arts, I was apprenticed, briefly, with a master of great skill but poor repute.

Summary of My Discontent

Literature and empathy

A recent study published in the journal Science raised a lot of eyebrows in, of all places, literary circles.

Fun with Shrapnel

Ah, new digs!

Let’s pretend, dear reader, that we’re old friends. I mean, we sort of are (old friends), and I’m going to tell you a lot of stories about maybe familiar people.

Stop Calling Me Surly

A sweet, crushing compulsion

Unregulated masterminds of exploitation capitalize on human frailty.

Fables of the Deconstruction

Don’t start me to talkin’

I know you asked me to shut up about Neutral Milk Hotel. I know you don’t want to hear it.

Keeping Up with the Jones

Race and Rand

“NO ONE in this country is crafting a better message of uplift for the African-American community than Rand Paul.” —Rev. Dr. Kevin Cosby, Twitter, Sept.