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Strong Kentucky women

My mother and I attended a recent program in the Mayor’s Gallery at Metro Hall entitled “Kentucky Women Pushing for Civil Rights.” University of Louisville’s African-America

Fun with Shrapnel

Dressed to impress

Derby is getting so near, I can smell it. It’s the time when Louisville cleans up its act and welcomes racing fans from around the world.

Stop Calling Me Surly

Good riddance, Mitch McConstipator

In 1984, Alabama native Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr. defeated U.S.

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Beyond marriage

The movement for marriage equality has had quite a few successes in the last few years, gaining an undeniable momentum here in the South after recent legal victories in Kentucky and Virginia declar

Summary of My Discontent

My week of loving-kindness

My son Ben recently sent me a link to “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” on YouTube.

Fun with Shrapnel

Get sprung!

I love winter. Not all of the time, but I love it this year because it has actually been cold and snowy.

Keeping Up with the Jones

John Cumbler and American history’s 238 shades of gray

Recently, I took a break from the sometimes hellish grind of life to have a few strong cherry stouts and some of the best jerk wings in the city at Cumberland Brews with one of my idols — Uni

Stop Calling Me Surly

Celebrating Hunter S. Thompson

It’s dangerous to write about Louisville’s most celebrated writer, who died nine years ago tomorrow. “Hunter S.

Summary of My Discontent

A snow baby

According to family lore, I was born during a snowstorm. My dad drove my mom to the hospital, all of two blocks away in our tiny Indiana town.

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Who will revere the trans woman?

Gabourey Sidibe, the actress from the movie “Precious” and TV’s “American Horror Story,” created quite a stir during an appearance on “The Arsenio Hall Show&rdqu