Seattle’s middle may make a Bus stop

So here I am, stuck with Seattle.
You can picture how it happened: The editor comes up with a brainstorm that Seedy K takes one team in the Super Bowl, and I take the other, facing off in a gigantic Battle of Typing Touts. And, of course, faster than you can you can say Troy Polamalu, Seedy K jumps up and says, “I will take Pittsburgh!”*

A Super predicament

Who’s it gonna be, Steelers or Seahawks? When it comes to the Pittsburgh-Louisville connection, a river runs through it. Then again, we do like our coffee.

Only a few shopping days remain until Super Bowl Sunday, and I’m sorry to report there’s trouble right here in River City...

Rumor & Innuendo (01-25-2006)

Rumblings from the World of Sports

Lining up for the guv’s manse

Who’s running for governor and who’s running from the governor? These questions top this week’s news from Frankfort.

What's Wrong Here?

Nothing much that we can tell. Which means the Arena Authority has some ’splaining to do.

A small group of politicians, bureaucrats and power brokers — meeting mostly in secret — may be stampeding this community toward a hasty decision about a new multipurpose civic arena that could turn out to be one of the biggest disasters in Louisville history.

It’ll be Steel over Starbucks in Detroit

So the other day my sweetie is dressed like she’s going to a game on the Frozen Tundra. She’s got on triple layer coverage more suffocating than Prime Time in his heyday. That it was 50 degrees outside didn’t seem to matter.

From zero to Irish in six beers at O’Connell’s

Everybody wants to be Irish, they just won’t admit it — unless it’s March 17.

What a Week (01-25-2006)

Right to work (for less)
Gov. Fletcher endorsed “right-to-work” legislation, which champions workers’ rights in much the same way the president’s “Clear Skies” initiative clears skies. The anti-labor proposal drew about 1,000 union members to the Capitol Rotunda, where they loudly booed and chanted during the governor’s budget address, making it really difficult to tell whether any criminals were pardoned during the speech.

Arresting developments
Metro Louisville announced a couple of clever outsourcing measures to help keep an eye on the community: The city enlisted couriers and sanitation workers to rat out any motorists they spot littering. The litter bugs will get a litter bag in the mail, along with a stern warning letter suitable for putting inside the handy litter bag. Meanwhile, Metro Police launched a program that lets citizens who fear retaliation report crime tips to five western Louisville churches instead of calling the nabs directly. The church ministers expressed enthusiasm for the crime-prevention plan, while also admitting to a sudden insatiable desire for crullers.

Pay up

Group urges Kentucky legislators to support federal bill pushing universal health care...

Save it for the morning after

Shelly West sits in a desk chair, talking a lot with her hands. Her straight blonde hair, covered by a military-style cap not unlike that popularized by Fidel Castro, gently dusts her shoulders when she turns her head drastically in one direction. She is tall, and her bubbly baby eyes, excitable yet calmly self-aware, are sympathetic even when she lays out an unrelenting feminist personal philosophy.