Literary LEO 2006

Literary LEO, more than anything this newspaper does throughout the year, is by and for the community. This year we received hundreds of submissions, and as you can see by the judges’ comments on the following page, the work was strong, which made picking the best quite a challenge. These next several pages contain the three best short stories (the honorable mention short stories are posted at; several flash fiction pieces (300-word limit); several poems (serious and seriously bad — so bad they’re funny); and numerous photographs (both traditional and non-traditional).

Staff Picks

<HOLIDAY>Through Feb. 14Send a Singing Valentine            Don’t be left standing in the retail aisles, searching for the card or the candy that will seal your romantic intent for your true love. Chocolate is fine, but think out of the box this Valentine’s Day. Be spontaneous by sending your significant other, boss, loved one, teacher, etc. an Original Singing Valentine. The folks at Pride of Kentucky are already booking for this annual campaign, which is a major fundraiser for the year. They’re a non-profit organization dedicated to the educational needs of women singers. A choice of one of three songs: “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” “Cuddle Up” or “Crazy ’Bout You Baby” will warm the cockles of hearts and the ears of music lovers. This chorus of professional and passionate singers divvy up into quartets and hit the city streets to perform the messages of love to anyone you purchase the singing valentine for to the tune of $40. To order a song, call 368-SONG (7664) or go to their Web site, —Cindy LambPride of Kentucky Chorus368-SONG 

Rumblings From the World of Sports

Did I hear this correctly?
A couple of weeks ago, The Rick was asked about missing out on Rajon Rondo and Chris Lofton. He again admitted his egregious recruiting mistake with Rondo. As for Lofton, he said something to the effect that there would be nowhere in the Cards lineup for him to play. Exsqueeze me? Was U of L’s coach talking about Chris Lofton, the former state champ shooting wiz who has energized the Big Orange, college hoopdom’s fastest rising program? Must be talking about somebody else.

A big stink:Neighborhood groups, agencies want more info on proposed biodiesel plant

Allan Henry wants to put a biodiesel refinery in the West End. Specifically, he wants U.S. Farmers Bio-Industries, the Dry Ridge, Ky.-based company where he’s vice president of sales, to inhabit the old Anderson Packaging facility at 1400 Southwestern Parkway, between Chickasaw Park and the Metropolitan Sewer District’s Morris Forman wastewater treatment plant. On a warm, sunny day like last Friday, the area is picturesque, like a post-industrial Bob Ross oil painting.

Super Bowl strategies from a Hoosier transplant in Motown

Super Bowl strategies from a Hoosier transplant in Motown

Chris Wasson is a friend of LEO (details unnecessary) who’s lived in suburban Detroit for a few years now. Except for the brutal weather, he says it’s a pretty lively place to be. He’s also a huge sports fan (Cowboys) who seems driven by the challenge of making it into all of the nation’s major sporting events before he turns 40. Which means that if he comes up empty for the Super Bowl in his own back yard, well, he’s a bigger loser than the hometown Lions ever thought of being. No pressure, dude —don’t even worry that your friends may take to calling you Dick Bupkis.

Bad dates, indeed

Winner 1:
Payback’s a bitch
By Kim Woodring
It all began when my sister, Diane, decided she would fix me up with this guy, “Joe.” She worked with him at General Electric for more than nine years and knew him pretty well. “Everyone wants to go out with Joe,” she would tell me every chance she could. “He’s cute, he’s about 28 and he’s this and he’s that ...”

What a Week

What a Week

Mayor 4ever
Mayor Jerry Abramson formally launched his campaign for reelection (campaign slogan: “What part of ‘Mayor For Life’ don’t you understand?”). Although the mayor refused to discuss his plans beyond this year’s elections, rumors have been widely circulating that he plans to eventually run for Mayor For Afterlife as well.

Warming up ...

A campaign that began with an ironic bang climaxed with a day dominated by women in the Republican-controlled state Senate last week. Last Wednesday, Democrat James E. Keller, who beat Larry Forgy in a 2000 non-partisan Kentucky Supreme Court race, filed to unseat Forgy’s sister, State Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr (R-Lexington). With Keller’s entry fresh in Thursday’s press, Kerr harnessed some horsepower from the House — and premium publicity.

Building the city with art, a proposal

Discussions of Louisville Metro’s high quality of life often include the parks system, historic architecture and the arts. The visual arts may soon get a boost, if proponents of establishing a Percent-for-Art Program are successful. Trish Salerno, executive director of Arts Kentucky, a statewide service and advocacy organization, led the call for action last week during a meeting at the Urban Design Studio on South Third Street.

In the trenches of Steelers territory: Confessions from a game-day bartender

R Place Pub is a small neighborhood tavern situated at the corner of Whipps Mill and New Lagrange roads in Lyndon. On most nights a steady clientele of regulars ascends to assume positions on bar stools, at a pool table or around tables scattered about the two-room bar.