Elevating art in Louisville: Museum Plaza has big goals for art in Louisville — and beyond

Imagine Louisville hosting work by Cristo and Jeanne-Claude, the artistic duo who mounted The Gates last year, filling New York’s Central Park with large, billowing orange canopies. Or our city chosen as the site for a powerful and socially ambitious artwork such as Kyzysztof Wodiczko’s “Hiroshima Projection.”

Rumblings From the World of Sports

The truth. This year’s U of L Cardinals are simply a very mediocre basketball team. Whether it’s injuries (hey, a lot of teams are hurting), youth (hmmm, Kansas starts all first- and second-year guys), chemistry (this team couldn’t distinguish H20 from CO2), hoops savvy (quotient: nada) or recruiting (paging Chris Lofton), these Cards just don’t got it. And, as the season grinds on, the worser it gets. Plus, The Rick has done a lousy job discovering the team’s key. If there is one. What is that locksmith’s number?The antidote. Watch a tape of last season’s regional final. See the Cards’ snatch victory in a game they had no reason to win, through guile, grit and guts. Remember this, the game’s take charge guy — Larry O’Bannon — was so chained in The Rick’s doghouse after his sophomore season that he didn’t even make the traveling squad to the sub-regional in Birmingham. Which is to say, there is hope, as long as The Rick doesn’t go Roderick Rhodes on the newcomers who didn’t immediately meet his expectations and the kids are willing to stay the course and do the work.Arrivederci, Rajon. I’m told the “superstar” is gone, no matter what.

Cruel and unusual?

It’s hard to say who in their right mind would actually want to read every column LEO founder John Yarmuth has written since 1990, but the LEO office has recently had at least one potentially sadomasochistic visitor asking for them.

For an anything goes form of fighting, Mixed Martial Arts does seem to have a lot of rules.

Here is what’s not allowed: 

Arts & Entertainment

Special Events

Portland Museum presents Michael W. Farmer’s “Inside Out” exhibit, Feb. 23-April 28, opening reception Feb. 23, 5:30pm, 2308 Portland Ave., 776-7678.
••African American Heritage Foundation presents “One More River to Cross,” silent auction and benefit, Feb. 24, 5:30-7pm, $25, Kentucky Center, 200 S. Fifth St., 583-4100.

I’m sorry, it’s store policy

There is no Kentucky law governing a pharmacist’s right to refuse to dispense medication based on personal beliefs, which leaves it up to individual pharmacies whether to fill prescriptions for drugs like Plan B. Here are some of the policies of Louisville’s major chain pharmacies, as well as Planned Parenthood.

What a Week

Unmitigated gall
Gov. Fletcher briefly transferred his powers to Lt. Gov. Pence so the governor could have his gall bladder removed. The gall bladder — the body’s metaphorical repository for repressed anger — had been shot full of lead by vice president Dick Cheney. (In Cheney’s defense, it’s hard to draw a bead on Fletcher and not hit gall.) Left with a nasty bloodstream infection, Fletcher and gall, sans bladder, recuperated in a Lexington hospital, where he pardoned several hospital employees.

Live and help live

A bill in the general assembly would allow for the creation of a localized Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Here’s why that’s essential.

These guys are cagey: Mixed Martial Arts fights its way toward the mainstream

Thumping heavy music blares over loudspeakers. The crowd in the small gymnasium grows louder. At the rear, a grim-faced man with a shaved head and tattoos emerges from the locker room. By all appearances, he has a bad attitude. He shadowboxes. He hops around a bit, then gets patted down before entering a black chain-link cage.

Community Listings

Special Events••Frazier Museum presents Noah Andre Trudeau, a chronicle of brave, colored troops in Civil War, Feb. 22, 7:30pm, $10 members, $12 adults, $5 students, 753-5663.Project ChildSafe promotes gun safety by distributing free gun locks, Feb. 22-24, 12-6pm, Dick’s Sporting Goods, 7900 Shelbyville Rd.; Feb. 25-26, 12-6pm, Kmart, 4025 Poplar Level Rd., www.projectchildsafe.org.Deer Park Baptist Church presents Tom Owen discussing “The Early Years of the Highlands,” Feb. 22, 6:30-7:30pm, 1733 Bardstown Rd., 235-3808.Kentucky Black Legislative Caucus celebrates black history month, Feb. 23, 12:30pm, State Capitol Rotunda, (800) 372-7181.••Choices, non-profit that helps homeless women and families, hosts annual Chili Cook-Off fundraiser, Feb. 25, 5-8pm, $5, Highland Baptist Church, 1001 Cherokee Rd., 387-6593.Downtown YMCA presents “Run to the Sun,” a 4-mile run/walk with lunch after the run, Feb. 25, 9am, 555 S. Second St., 587-6700.Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation presents the Ninth Annual Mardi Gras benefit ball, Feb. 25, 7pm-midnight, $80, $750 for eight, 1850 Taylor Ave. Suite #2, 456-3233 or (800) 582-CURE.Falls of the Ohio presents Winter Garden Fair, a wealth of how-to info for planting a thriving garden, Feb. 25, 10am-4pm, Interpretive Center, 201 W. Riverside Dr., (812) 280-9970.Big Brothers Big Sisters presents Kentuckiana Bowl for Kids’ Sake, Feb. 25-26, 1-3pm, Rose Bowl Lanes, 2217 Goldsmith Ln., 587-0494.West Broadway United Methodist Church offers chance to join re-enactment of Selma Civil Rights March, Feb. 26, 2-5pm, starting 28th & Broadway, ending at church with potluck after march, 772-1198.New Albany Public Library presents “The Library Has Gone to the Dogs,” meeting for dog lovers to keep your pet safe, photo submissions begin Feb. 27, presentation March 4, 1-4:30pm, Strassweg Aud., 180 W. Spring St., New Albany, (812) 944-8464.Leukemia and Lymphoma Society presents “Light the Night,” a fundraising dinner supporting cancer research, Feb. 27, 6:15 and 8:15pm, $10, dinner $12, Chick Inn Restaurant, 6325 Upper River Road, 228-7200.Clifton Center presents “Chocolate Dreams” fundraiser, pairs chocolate lovers with chefs’ creations, Feb. 27, 6-9pm, 2117 Payne St., 896-8480.UofL Debate Society presents public debate regarding the necessity of childcare services at UofL, March 1, 2-4pm, Strickler Middleton Aud., 852-0967.Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center presents “Lewis & Clark: Mysteries of the West,” exhibit focuses on people and sites of famous expedition, thru March 28, free w/ admission, (812) 280-9970.