Rumor & Innuendo: Rumblings From the World of Sports

Who’s your daddy? Where did you read mid-February that UCLA would crash the Final Four? No need to spell it out. As for the rest of my bracket ... next topic.Iron Butterfly. Am I having one of those acid flashbacks they always promised us back in the day, or is that really “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” playing in the background of a Fidelity Mutual Funds commercial? Speaking of acid, did Memphis and UCLA play like they’d swallowed some purple microdot or what? U-G-L-Y. On the other hand, the Bruins are in the real Final Four, and your team probably isn’t.Sayonara J.J. For those who want one last moment with the college hoopster we all love to hate, check out: And if you need one mo’ Coach K commercial, check out this cartoon:

Staff Picks

<ART>Friday, March 31Big Bone Art Show You’ve been good for most of the week, and to show their appreciation, The Oddity Studios are throwing you a “Big Bone.” As part of the F.A.T. Friday festivities, the Big Bone Art Show will feature original artwork in all mediums. Fifteen artists are on board so far, and you’ll get a kick out of works like “The Dawn of Bone” by Bryan Renfro. Live music accompanies the artistic pleasantries, and each visitor receives a free copy of “The Herald Sparrow,” a new publication with joyously offbeat sensibilities. Enjoy looking at artwork you can’t afford (yet) and dream big. If your imagination needs some encouragement, the trolley hop wine is a nice starting point. —Matt MattinglyNancy’s Bagel Grounds 2101 Frankfort Ave.599-6576Free; 6-9 p.m.

Ben Wright’s art has something to say

You’re young and you’ve got something to say. How do you say it? If you’re an artist, your art does the talking for you.

Rumor & Innuendo: Rumblings From the World of Sports

No, no Nolan. I’ve heard some pretty accurate but mighty disturbing whispers about the collegiate inclinations of superüberprepster Nolan Smith. For a long while now, the son of former Card icon Derek Smith has been considered a lock to wear red and black. Not anymore. I’ve got it on good authority that the kid and his family are now thinking blue. As in Blue Devils. Say it ain’t so. Seems Smith’s connections with U of L — Vince Taylor, and to some extent, Reggie Theus — aren’t on the Belknap campus anymore, and young Nolan no longer feels connected to the Cardinal program. Taylor, currently a Minnesota T-Wolves assistant, apparently has the Smiths’ ear. Duke’s Johnny Dawkins keeps in touch with him so young Nolan will feel the Blue Devil love. While, I’m advised, the Cardinals haven’t beseeched former staffer Vince to be a go-between on their behalf. How sad is this story?

What a Week

Embryonic spree In a potential setback to right-wing sanctimony, U of L researchers announced a breakthrough in coaxing adult bone-marrow cells to mimic embryonic stem cells. The research could lead to cures for various diseases without harvesting cells from embryos. Despite the windfall for the embryo community, no embryos returned repeated phone calls or e-mails seeking comment. (Because they’re, you know, embryos.)

Brick House turns 1: Community center in Old Louisville is thriving despite technical difficulties

The building that houses the Brick House, at the corner of Second and St. Catherine, still needs some aesthetic work, just like it did last year.

Home on the range: At Knob Creek, the sound of gunfire is a popular American song

I’m walking walk down the dusty stretch that leads to the main firing line at Knob Creek Gun Range, wading through military, ex-military, militia, gun vendors and god knows who else. It’s easy to lose yourself amid the sporadic crackle of semi-automatic machine guns and the thunderous booms of antique cannons...

Feminist synergy: Kentucky Foundation for Women celebrates 20 years

BY MOLLY CUNNINGHAM In the Arcadia Community Center in south Louisville’s Wilder Park neighborhood, a half-dozen Somali women sit on the couch in a brightly painted room chattering in Bantu. Each woman is wrapped from head to toe in cloths of varying colors and patterns, each carefully styled into a harmonized outfit. One woman hunches over a wide-ruled notebook on the coffee table, practicing her alphabet as she participates in the gossip.

No End Insight: Round 2

At the start of every Metro Council meeting, 10 constituents get to speak briefly about whatever they want, whether it’s on the Council agenda or not. Last Thursday in a City Hall decked with poinsettias, five addressed an issue that wasn’t set for discussion at the last meeting of 2005: cable TV.

Scott Mullins heading north

Scott Mullins, whose voice has been heard on local public radio for 20 years, is leaving WFPK-FM for a start-up Triple-A station in Milwaukee. Mullins’ last broadcast will be his long-running “Blues Party” on Saturday, Jan. 7.