Dining Guide 2006 - Soup's On!

If the relative coolness of a city is measured by its restaurants, then Louisville is a great place, indeed. For whatever reason, we’re blessed with a dining scene that is broad and deep and independent, and a fine reflection of our city’s creativity. Which brings us to LEO’s annual Dining Guide, a true labor of love and, we hope, a public service. Keep it handy and peruse it every once in a while. You might be pleasantly surprised by what it can tell you. —Cary Stemle, editor

Dining Guide 2006 - LEO’s Top 10’s

Top 10 Fine Dining (listed alphabetically)1)  211 Clover Lane2)  610 Magnolia3)  Asiatique4)  Equus5)  Le Relais6)  Limestone

Dining Guide 2006 - At your service ...A day in the life of a Louisville waitress

Deborah Deletti-Renier: has worked in food service for a decade and now serves at Volare Italian Restaurant on Frankfort Avenue. LEO asked dining critic Robin Garr to follow her around for an entire 5-11 p.m. shift.photo by Robin Garr“Can I get you started with something to drink? This is Wine Down Tuesday at Volare, all our wines are half-price — and if you can’t finish it, you can take it home.”

City Strobe: It’s not the size of the muzzle on the dog in the fight

Members of the Louisville Kennel Club, Responsible Dog Owners of Louisville, a former Metro Animal Services employee and a current one have all received cease-and-desist letters from an attorney representing Dr. Gilles Meloche, the director of Louisville Metro Animal Services, demanding they stop talking publicly about Meloche’s past.

The Stink Eye: On the record - New ads suggest Northup’s voting record is something worth hiding

We here at The Stink Eye endeavored briefly to take a serious gander at the other heavy races flashing across Louisville’s TV screens — the Baron Hill-Mike Sodrel rematch in Indiana’s 9th district is particularly loathsome (and annoying). Still, the most dynamic and sullied is our own here in the 3rd: John Yarmuth versus Anne Northup.

Dining Guide 2006 - Chefs’ Challenge

Chef Challenge: photo by Ross GordonFor LEO’s 2006 Dining Issue, we issued a dare to a handful of local chefs. The charge was simple: figure out a unique dish (or dishes) they could prepare that incorporates the following ingredients: Cheez Whiz, persimmons, chipped beef and cassava (or manioc, which is known as yucca in Spanish).

Dining Guide 2006

Price Range: $ = $10 or less; $$ = $20 or less; $$$ = $30 or less; $$$$ = more than $30. (Per person for a meal without tip or tax.)Capsule Reviews: Restaurants marked with the special LEO “O” were reviewed in these pages throughout the past year and include short summaries of those reviews. They include one of two rating systems — one is a 100-point scale (ex.: 75/100), the other is a five-grade rating system (ex.: 3/5).

Dining Guide 2006 - No-WBRO dining: Dining out is a challenge for the gluten-intolerant

I never thought of gluten-intolerance until my young niece was diagnosed with celiac disease a couple years ago. Since then, as is so often the case when something new enters your world, I’ve learned quite a bit about the hereditary autoimmune disorder that affects about 1 in 133 U.S. citizens, whether or not they realize it. And many don’t.

Position paper: State treasurer’s new book discusses balancing religion and politics

Jonathan Miller, the Democratic state treasurer who’s rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Kentucky’s Republican-dominated politics of the last three years, is standing against a brick wall on Louisville’s Fourth Street, just north of Theater Square, outside LEO’s front door. He’s cheesing with all kinds of white teeth, shoulders back in good posture, straight-backed and cradling before his stomach my hardback copy of his new book, “The Compassionate Community.”

Rumor & Innuendo: Rumblings From The World Of Sports

Sports Sunday. Is there anything more sublime than reading The New York Times sports section the day after the Bronx Bombers have spit the bit yet again? Correct answer: No. The so-called “best lineup in the history of baseball” was drawn and quartered by my Tigers, who were but a week removed from blowing three straight at home to KC, the worst nine in the game.