Election Special: Red, blue or in between?

As you read this, LEO’s Election Issue for 2006, it’s slightly less than two weeks before we go to the polls. To whet your appetite — if all those lousy ads haven’t turned you off completely — we’ve got a few things herein that should make you think a bit more. We believe all elections are important, but this one seems even more important. So, you know, whatever you’re thinking about the state of our nation, please don’t sit this one out. —Cary Stemle, editor

City Strobe: News Roundup

A set-up for Tom Owen?Bar owners are understandably miffed about the recently enacted smoking ordinance, which bans smoking in every enclosed public place in Louisville except Churchill Downs (bring on the lawsuits!). In fact, a coalition of bar and restaurant owners has lobbied heavily against such a thing for several years.

The Stink Eye: Loss of touch, loss of feeling

The Stink Eye is wondering what’s wrong with The Courier-Journal’s editorial board. The decaying, out-of-touch windsuckers who think they’re still progressive are so firmly lodged up the Establishment’s ass it’ll take a jackhammer to ever see their faces again. Most recently, in this year’s round of Metro Council endorsements, they’ve contorted themselves into radically new positions. It makes them look foolish.

Probing ‘the Lifestyle’ - Conference at Bellarmine shines an academic light on a sexual taboo: swinging

Dr. Curtis R. Bergstrand: Photo by Claudia OleaThis weekend, Bellarmine University plays host to an academic conference that may raise a few eyebrows. The topic is swinging, and while it may elicit a giggle from the average person, organizers believe the topic is important because research into this particular activity has historically been lacking.

Rumor & Innuendo

The kid grew up way back when football was nice. Hoops had its moments in Kentuckiana. But baseball, sweet game o’ nines, was the deal. Truly the national pastime. And national passion.

Things that go cha-ching in the night: Old Louisville’s spectres are a cultural boon

A storm approaches Old Louisville this October. There is gathering darkness, and dozens of reports of unearthly events. Many have been frightened throughout more than a century of untimely demises and unexplained apparitions. But how much of this is the brewing of a Perfect Storm for publicity in the branding of a community?

Rumor & Innuendo

Breathe easy, Cards fans.

CULTURE PREVIEW: LEWIS BLACK - Paint it, Black: There’s little gray area in Lewis’ world

Lewis Black: Photo by Jill GreenbergLewis Black is one busy dude. If he’s not sharing his hilarious twitchy insights on “The Daily Show” or Conan, he’s in some movie, like the new Robin Williams flick “Man of the Year.” And he’s on the road a most of the year, talking to audiences like the one he’ll confront Thursday night at the Palace Theatre. CARY STEMLE caught up with him while he was in South Carolina at a golf resort where the woman who answered the phone asked: “Lewis Black — is he an employee or a guest?”

City Strobe: No smoking in Louisville …

Here is a list of the places you can no longer smoke in Louisville as of July 1, 2007: everywhere that’s inside. Here is a list of where you can smoke inside: Churchill Downs and tobacco manufacturers.

The Stink Eye: Part of the Story

There is an ethos in journalism that says reporters and the publications for which they report should never become part of a story. Of course, that was shattered by a handful of intrepid and adored journalists over the years — Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Wolfe, Gay Talese back when — and also by some major issues of late, like Judith Miller’s jailing for refusing to reveal a source and the response of her paper, The New York Times.