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<MUSIC>Wednesday, Nov. 22Gordon Graham tribute    Some of the city’s finest musicians will gather at the Rudyard Kipling tonight to honor Louisville singer-songwriter Gordon Graham, who passed away recently. A custom Washburn electric guitar will be raffled at the show, and proceeds will be donated to the St. John Center, which serves 175 homeless men every day all year round. Gordon himself was the recipient of the St. John Center’s services during the holidays a few years ago, which makes this a very timely, personal and meaningful donation for Gordon’s friends and family.

City Strobe: Bring low the rail lines

Since its halcyon days as a patch of mud where Ohio River travelers stopped to sleep and scavenge, Louisville has been a city because of transportation: Back when George Rogers Clark romped, boats transporting goods down the river had to offload here before negotiating the Falls of the Ohio.

Still, Waters runs deep: Thankfully, the Baltimore auteur is no angry 60-year-old jerk

Female Trouble: Photos courtesy of New Line Productions Susan Walsh (left) and Cookie Mueller (right) play Divine’s (center) crime buddies in “Female Trouble.”Baltimore native John Waters is a dapper figure, always immaculately groomed with trademark pencil-thin mustache and stylish dark suits and ties. Despite his fascination with all things filthy, the look seems to say, deep down he’s a real gentleman. Or perhaps his debonair demeanor is a mere façade to hide his idiosyncratic id.

Taking flight: Disc Doggin’ isn’t a hobby — it’s a way of life

What is so interesting about a group of people playing fetch with their dogs on a beautiful Saturday evening? Not much, until one of the dogs leaps into the air, bounds off its owner’s back and snatches a Frisbee clean out of the air. For the dozen or so members of Flying Houndz of Louisville club, this isn’t simple fetch, it’s Disc Doggin’, and the club is growing as this addiction spreads to other dog owners.

Readers Choice - Congratulations!... and thanks for your input

Forget about the election that just wrapped up, the real news of the day is right here on these next 12 pages. Yep, it’s that time again, people, when the leaves are on the ground (and probably in your house, too), the air is taking on a new chill and LEO rolls out the winners of its annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

The orange revolution: John Yarmuth colored voters’ fancy this year. Now what?

This week brings long Q&A interviews with two Johns. The first is with John Yarmuth, who pulled off the improbable last Tuesday when he beat five-term incumbent Anne Northup in the 3rd District Congressional race. The other John, of course, is filmmaker John Waters who, frankly, would’ve been on the cover if not for Yarmuth’s big win. Waters comes to the Kentucky Center Saturday night, to talk about life, love and who knows what else.
—Cary Stemle

Rumor & Innuendo

Cats strike it Rich. As much as many pundits have battered Rich Brooks — include me in that cavalry charge — it’s time to give him his props. The Cats have steadily progressed under his calm tutelage. Look at what Georgia did at Auburn a week after being humbled by the Bluegrass Boys. Then tell me this isn’t a vastly improved UK squad.

Rumor & Innuendo (Rumblings From the World of Sports): “U of L’s a football school.” Maybe, just maybe.

Coaching irony. In the wake of U of L’s convincing win over West Virginia, it seems appropriate to repeat a story told here before. This advised by a fella who was part of Louisville’s football apparatus at the time. Back when it became apparent that Tom Jurich was going to deep-six the ineffectual Ron Cooper, my guy got a call from an assistant asking for help in getting an interview for the job. Then offensive coordinator under Tommy Bowden at Tulane, the caller at the other end of the line was Rich Rodriguez. How the world does turn! Speaking of the Mountaineer coach ...

City Strobe: God bless us, everyone

Ford Motor Co., which stayed the course for a few billion dollars too long before cutting and running from its gas-gulping, earth-slaying, DVD-booth Mallxplorers, announced more unpleasantness for its workers. Feeling the pain this time: salaried workers. Ford said it will cancel raises, increase health insurance premiums and drop coverage for salaried workers, retirees and spouses. The double whammy of lost raises and approximately 30 percent higher health insurance premiums means salaried Ford workers will earn less money next year than the previous year for the first time since that other George Bush was president.

Readers Choice - The Winners

GOODS & SERVICESBest Attorney1.    Darryl Isaacs2.    David Lambertus3.    Greg StumboBest Auto Dealership