May 22, 2013

Inbox — May 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Spaghetti Monster
Regarding the “Just another theory” news story (LEO Weekly, May 15): Provocative, even inflammatory, this story is frightening. LACES appear to want to bamboozle the school system into teaching bizarre doctrines to students incognito, and in some cases, to undermine the separation of church and state. I do think these people believe they are doing good, and the church does try to help society in general, but the archaic belief system resembles the climate-change deniers: They try to debase accepted theories that have strong scientific evidence by placing them on the same plane as ludicrous beliefs, such as creationism. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has become popular among college students as a humorous spoof of the creationist mentality.

Where do religious beliefs cross into intellectually damaging institutions? We must draw the line somewhere.
A. Leach, Hikes Point

Eye on the Ball
Thanks so much for Billy Reed’s critical and balanced review of “42” (LEO Weekly, May 8). Very informative. Pee Wee Reese has always been a hero of mine for his pragmatic morality and prescient sense of how social change takes place in such situations.
Dave Britt, Old Louisville

Deep Drive-Time Thoughts
I realize this is yet another bellyache from an East Ender, but I still feel the need to bitch. I’m referring to the traffic “improvement” of adding a lane from Brownsboro Road onto eastbound Watterson Expressway. So in effect, what the geniuses have done is made the entrance ramp from Brownsboro Road one continuous lane that leads to I-71. Whose brilliant plan was this? I’d like to know so I can tell them it was a complete waste of money. If anything, traffic has gotten worse since this “improvement” was completed! I travel this route to work on a daily basis, and most of the time now I take Brownsboro Road to the Gene Snyder coming home because of the traffic being so bad at that interchange.

The majority of the traffic coming from Brownsboro Road onto the Watterson is headed toward downtown, not I-71. And so, naturally, where is most of the eastbound Watterson traffic headed before Brownsboro? To I-71, of course! Congratulations, KDOT, you’ve just created more of a mess! Instead of wasting $1.35 million on that “solution,” that money could’ve been put toward chiseling out more of that cliff side and adding a second lane from eastbound Watterson to I-71!
Brian Bailey, Crestwood

Paranoia Trigger
The growing, irrational belief that America’s government is coming to take away citizens’ guns is ludicrous. Paranoia is fast becoming our national mental illness and is contributing to Congress’ unwillingness to pass sensible gun legislation that would help keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

We the people are the government. We are not a dictatorship. How is the government going to run roughshod over itself? To do so would be a prime example of self-loathing.

Our country is so divided; we don’t trust each other. God ordained government. To some extent to be anti-government is anti-God, anti-self, anti-neighbor. In whom do we trust more: God or guns? Is “In God We Trust” inscribed on U.S. currency just a meaningless, feel-good slogan — a heartless, outward expression of our religiosity?
Paul L. Whiteley Sr., St. Matthews

Climate-change is a hoax, A. Leach

By BS detector
Article: "NASA Global Warming Stance Blasted By 49 Astronauts, Scientists Who Once Worked At Agency" Source: It's the liberal government's phony idea to help ruin the coal plant producers and workers, as well as the other fossil fuel makers. It is political in nature and is is incumbent on a large segment of scientists to falsify data/research to continue getting grants to do work to try to justify their positions.

You need to change your name

By tclayjr
You need to change your name to BS emitter.

tclayjr, you need to change your name to "Fumb Duck."

By BS detector
And, while you're at, tclayjr, when was the last time you cleaned your hard drive of child porn? What was the last count for the number of children under 12-years-old that you molested? When was the last time you opened a van door, enticing little children to supposedly "help you find your puppy?" When was the last time you updated your personal info with the sexual offender registry? When was the last time you called a stranger woman at night and breathed heavily into the phone? When was the last time you embezzled from your company? When was the last time that you made blatant ad hominem attacks in letters? When was the last time you took your meds? When was the last successful time you countered a point in a letter by addressing it, instead of making a non-argument by attacking the message giver with the lame "BS emitter" label? You're just a Democrat/ liberal stooge. * * * Get lost! * * * And don't come back until you can intelligently address the merits of an issue, be accurate, and be pertinent.

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P. Whiteley, you presented a false choice, non-argument

By BS detector
A naive person such as yourself, P. Whiteley, would state that citizens' guns aren't trying to be taken away by the U.S. government. It is done incrementally, through requiring registration, the government hoarding ammunition, over-reaching bans on certain firearms, etc. No, we as the people are *not* the government; the government, in part, consists of people who are supposed to represent the people. And President Obama and his administration have proven it's leanings toward a dictatorship by repeatedly ignoring the Constitution, defying the will of certain state's laws, etc. So, your comment about "self-loathing" doesn't apply. In several posts, you continue to show how disingenuous and stupid you are by bringing up the country being divided. What is really happening is that President Obama is the most divisive president there has been. This is in economically, religious, and racial ways. Also, it is a vast segment of liberals, who claim to be "progessive" or tolerant of others' views, but it is the reality that they attack others if they don't share their views. Wrong, to be anti-government shows that people trust in the Constitition which limits over-reaches by the government. You have an **idiotic** false choice about trusting guns or God! It's not an either/or. But, understandably, this is one of your lame, non-arguments. So, you had better get educated on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, etc. before you continue showing how ignorant you are, especially by being a repeat poster (read: repeat offender of disinformation and misinformation).

Hey dummy, we have cars that

By tclayjr
Hey dummy, we have cars that are registered and there doesn't seem to be any government tyranny at work. The British and many other countries have strict gun control and guess what? They're not living under tyranny either you fatuous nincompoop. What is your pea shooter going to do against and Abrams Tank? or Longbows? or drones? or spectre gunships? You ain't smart dummy.

Hey, clueless, moronic, imbecile, tclayjr, dispense with the ...

By BS detector
...false apples and oranges comparison between registering cars and registering guns/firearms. The U.S. government isn't concerned about restricting the sale and/or the use of motor vehicles, except as the tyrant President Obama wants to punish the former level use of fossil fuels (based on the climate change hoax), and, instead, leave limited options by funneling consumers into buying electric/hybrid vehicles that are out of most of the middle class citizens' price ranges. It's good that you brought up the strict gun control laws of Great Britain, for example. The Muslim murderers of that British soldier just a couple of days ago had no resistance by any regular citizens in the midst of their attack, because the citizens weren't allowed to carry guns. And in your last sentences, you presented false/ unrealistic scenarios, as well as you misrepresented various personal firearms as "pea shooters." From what I took from those last sentences, you think it is futile for me, just for instance, to defend myself with my personal firearms against that list of weapons you asked about. I, and millions like me, will take our chances with our guns against over-reaching government thugs. You give way too much credit to (read: put up a fantasy situation) about the use of Abrams tanks, longbows, drones, and spectre gunships. And that is just plain being dumb by you.

Here is a site that explains many types of poor/false arguments:

By BS detector Here, I see it is unrealistic to think that a person can do away with all of the errors in argument-making, but a person should be able to be a more consistent proper argument-maker in responses to newspaper letters and to posts on message boards. Wouldn't you strongly agree with that, Thomas Clay Jr.?

. What they tend to do is

By parishay899
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Both still give the message

By jack11
Both still give the message that 70-515 people are in some way flawed or sinful for being who they are,” says Berry. “Both approaches make one feel less than and foster a sense of depression and frustration that all too often leads to despair and self-harm. passguide 70-515

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I’d like to know so I can tell them it was a complete waste of money. If anything, traffic has gotten worse since this “improvement” was completed! I travel this route to work on a daily basis, and most of the time now I take Brownsboro Road to the Gene Snyder coming home because of the traffic being so bad at that interchange best double jogging stroller