July 24, 2013

Inbox — July 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Come on, Kentucky
In a red state like Kentucky, polls are showing that Mitch McConnell is vulnerable; this is a sure sign that moderate Republicans are moving away from the most extreme members of their party to regain the compromising spirit like during the Dole and Clinton years. Those years, ideas were moved around on the table, and the best ones pushed the country forward. Unfortunately, today the extremists seem to be under the notion that only they know where the direction of the country should go. This type of attitude ignores the will of the majority. Americans who are tired of stagnation in our government, and fed up with leaders who are only looking out for the interest of the wealthy while making the middle class and poor vulnerable, can solve this dilemma in the midterm elections. At this moment, Republicans and Democrats can join together to purge those who are standing in the way and log-jamming Congress. Real progress can be made in a mending economy if the legislative branch of the government worked with the executive branch rather than hope for its failure.
Alfred Waddell, West Dennis, Mass.

Team Snowden
Ed Snowden has become this iconic visage of intrigue for everyone. Some envision him as the voice of freedom, where the others make him the whipping boy of the establishment. All he really is is the teaspoon that put the crack in the cosmic egg — letting loose the flood of information to start an informed conversation. He is the drop of solvent that dissolved the paper-thin veneer of legitimacy surrounding our government in its current, craven state. What he has done (while putting himself at enormous risk) is shake us out of our stupor.

What is it about the secrets he holds in his laptops that inspires so much fear and rage on both sides of the aisle? The fact that we’re being watched at an alarming rate is not news to the informed populace. Is it something more sinister? Are there ugly secrets being held over the heads of elected officials in order to coerce them to legislate our freedoms away? Or is it the fear that the sedated masses will finally awaken and loudly demand their humanity and sovereignty be restored?

Something has the “Powers That Be” spooked, that’s for sure. Personally, I hope he is blessed and kept — preferably in a safe and beautiful place.
Trudi Kubik, Highlands

Racism is Still Alive
The ultra-conservative media of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News and The Washington Times recently suggested that a not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial might cause riots in Florida. By their suggestions, I get the feeling the aforementioned representatives of the right-wing media want riots to occur. They are so anti-President Obama. Any kind of racial chaos during his time in office would please them, even though Obama would not be the cause of the riots.

The Republican Party and its compliant media rarely, if ever, acknowledge that racism is a problem in America. They hurt our country and the GOP by using a potential outcome of the Zimmerman trial to covertly promote racial division and confusion. Citizens of goodwill hoped that justice would be done in the Sanford, Fla., trial. Now that a not-guilty verdict was rendered, it is pretty evident racism is still alive in America. In our everyday lives, outside of the courtroom, we must step up our efforts of working for racial justice.
Paul L. Whiteley Sr., St. Matthews

Consent to Kill
To those who support a woman’s right to choose: I agree when you say that a woman should give consent before sex and that marriage does not mean consent every time a man wants sex. I think sex should be mutually consensual.

I agree when you say that a woman should be able to take precautions to try to prevent pregnancy if she chooses. A man and a woman should agree on this before they have sex. But when you say that my mother had a right to have a doctor kill me anytime after I was conceived and before I was born, I respectfully reject that notion. And I wonder if you think your mother had a right to kill you.
Rich Mills, Shawnee

Paul L. Whiteley Sr. is a hypocritical racist.

By Democrats are r...
Plenty of liberals stated that there would be riots if there was to be a not-guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial *before* those others you mentioned, Paul L. Whiteley Sr. And they are *not* "ultra-conservative." You are so far Left that you label those basic conservatives with the modifier "ultra." So what if they are "so anti-President Obama!?" That is a common sense reaction to all of the anti-American and anti-Constitution measures that Obama has put into place, as well as that type he plans to put into place. You stated "...even though Obama would not be the cause of the riots." The ignorant savages themselves are the cause of the riots, but *don't dare for one second* to not include Obama's role where he has made prejudicial comments about Trayvon Martin looking like his hypothetical son. How many times must it be pointed out to you that President Obama has been the most racially divisive U. S. president in the recent many decades!? How disingenuous you are, Paul, about the media! The media have *always* been cheerleaders/enablers for President Obama and his administration. Fox News has been a lone sheep up against the vast liberal media wolves. False, the Republicans *frequently* acknowledge that there is racism in America, *particularly* so the racism exercised by leftists who maintain the victim mentality. And it is well as by the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panthers, and by you, Paul, who always serve to stir the pot of racism. No, Paul, citizens of goodwill hoped that justice would be done, and *it was!* It followed the course of a proper trial where the jury rendered their verdict due to there being not enough evidence (as offered by the defense) to show that George Zimmerman was guilty. Claiming that it is evidence of racism, because the verdict didn't go your way/the rioters' way, just points up to your own racism, Paul L. Whiteley Sr.! And your meaningless, trite platitude of "step[ping] up our efforts of working for racial justice" is extremely hypocritical! *Look in the mirror, Paul! You are blind to your own and the other leftists' racism. You are a hypocritical racist!.

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Dr. Ricky L. Jones, tell the truth!

By U_of_L_Alumnus
Dr. Ricky L. Jones, it is irresponsible for you to state in your LEO column the following quote by you: "Don't misunderstand me, the release of Trayvon Martin's murderer was wrong." That is a falsehood. It was determined in a trial that, although there is no question as to George Zimmerman being Trayvon Martin's killer, the evidence presented did not support anything beyond George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin in self-defense. As that is, it is incorrect, particularly by you in your status, to refer to George Zimmerman as a "murderer." You need to publicly apologize in LEO for mischaracterizing the verdict/ status of George Zimmerman. Thank you, U of L Alumnus

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