January 31, 2006

Super Bowl strategies from a Hoosier transplant in Motown

Super Bowl strategies from a Hoosier transplant in MotownChris Wasson is a friend of LEO (details unnecessary) who’s lived in suburban Detroit for a few years now. Except for the brutal weather, he says it’s a pretty lively place to be. He’s also a huge sports fan (Cowboys) who seems driven by the challenge of making it into all of the nation’s major sporting events before he turns 40. Which means that if he comes up empty for the Super Bowl in his own back yard, well, he’s a bigger loser than the hometown Lions ever thought of being. No pressure, dude —don’t even worry that your friends may take to calling you Dick Bupkis.Chris Wasson met his hero: Jerry Jones last Derby Day. The Dallas Cowboys’ owner was heard to say, “OK, kid, I need to go bet. Gimme the ring back now. Give me the damn ring …”Chris took a few minutes from his busy schedule as a high-powered corporate attorney to answer pressing questions from LEO.LEO: So, are you going to the Super Bowl?Chris: I’m not sure. I’m still looking for tickets at a reasonable price.LEO: What is the secret to scoring tickets?CW: To be determined. Having a hook-up or scalping. I know a couple of people who got tickets through hook-ups, and I know several more people who paid $2,800 a ticket to scalpers. Maybe my friend Jerry Jones will hook me up?LEO: Is the town abuzz or is it just too damn cold to think about it?CW: Hockeytown is always abuzz with football, but it is growing crazier as the big game approaches. There is so much to do on Super Bowl weekend that you can’t help but get excited.LEO: Do you find it ironic that the Super Bowl will be played at Ford Field right after Ford announced that it is cutting back? Shouldn’t Bill Ford sell his tickets and put the proceeds back into the company?CW: A long time ago there probably was irony in cutbacks, but it seems so common with the Big 3 that you kind of expect it around here. I think Bill should sell his tickets to me for a reasonable price and, of course, put the proceeds back into the company.LEO: Steelers or Seahawks? Why?CW: Seahawks. All Cowboy fans hate the Steelers.LEO: How many Super Bowls have you been to?CW: None.LEO: What is the weather forecast?CW: Right now, not bad. It could be much colder. Friday, mostly cloudy (high 42/low 32). Saturday, rain/snow showers (high 34/low 32). Sunday, snow/wind (high 35/low 30).LEO: What is the non-native Detroiter’s strategy for not freezing one’s ass off en route to the big game?CW: Park close and know where you are going. Standard orders for visiting downtown Detroit.LEO: Are you more excited about the game or the halftime entertainment? Why?CW: Halftime. The Stones ... need I say more?LEO: When are the Lions gonna make it to the Super Bowl? Or the playoffs? What ever happened to Wayne Fontes?CW: Never. Calling Wayne Fontes — the Lions desperately need you back. And please bring Barry Sanders with you as well.