January 30, 2007

Literary LEO: Photography

TRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHYFIRST PLACE “Apple, Boots” by Bill Brymer“Apple, Boots” by Bill Brymer: TRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY — FIRST PLACE         SECOND PLACE “Nest Building” by Robert Sachs“Nest building” by Robert Sachs: TRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY — SECOND PLACE          THIRD PLACE“Kentucky State Fair Cows” by Jonas S. Wilson“Kentucky State Fair cows” by Jonas S. Wilson: TRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY — THIRD PLACE       NONTRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHYFIRST PLACE“HDR Night Bridge” by Jonas S. Wilson“HDR Night Bridge” by Jonas S. Wilson: NONTRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY — FIRST PLACE        SECOND PLACE“Tree” by Linda Sinclair“Tree” by Linda Sinclair: NONTRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY — SECOND PLACE         THIRD PLACE “Child with Sucker” by Lana W. Rayhill“Child with sucker” by Lana W. Rayhill: NONTRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY - THIRD PLACE