Tim Hecker

Canadian ambient artist Tim Hecker has made some of the most challenging and captivating music of the early ’00s. Practically every record since his 2001 debut, Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do It Again, has felt instantly classic, a series of records you didn’t know you needed until you heard them; his new record, Virgins, is no exception to this rule. But whereas his previous albums felt essentially digital, Virgins is an exploration into acoustics. The role of the studio is prominent and inexorable: It’s an intensely kinetic, three-dimensional record in which every sound is marked by its reverberation in space. It’s also the most foreboding Hecker has ever sounded, which is saying a lot. The pair of “Virginal” tracks, featuring a piano-like instrument of the same name, almost reach a Lovecraftian kind of horror. Don’t miss this.

effects of live, taped and

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effects of live, taped and no music on three different groups of people suffering from post traumatic amnesia - or memory loss. The patients were exposed to all three conditions, twice over six consecutive days. Results showed that when patients listened to live or taped music, two thirds of them showed significantly reduced symptoms of anxiety and enhanced orientation, compared to the group that didn't listen to music. new songs 2015