Room Service, Carry Out & Delivery

The Inn Crowd
The latest in a multitude of releases from the Triple B camp, trio project Room Service is a mixture of the good and bad ideas from last year’s output. Again, it’s too long by at least five songs. There’s an overabundance of sex, to the point of obsession, that wears thin after a while. (Is “Porky’s rap” a genre?) Equally, when it’s good, it shows a group with great potential. They need to stop throwing the kitchen sink in with every project and slow down their output. Aim for 10-15 truly great tracks, release those, and then work the hell out of it. Just because you record it doesn’t mean you have to drop it. Their recent method of tossing every string of spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks isn’t what works.


By Jasonkiddmc
This is J'as-K aka Jason Kidd Mc I part of the trio inn crowd I agree with the review. We had more to come but decided to demolish the group and move on to other ventures. Hints we dropped all the songs we had recorded to finish. On this one project. Triple B has more to cone and growth to attain. We are not going anywhere greatful for all opportunities, and look forward to the future. Thank you, Damien McPherson!