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Middle Brother

Middle Brother

This self-titled debut features the vocal and songwriting talents of Deer Tick’s John McCauley, Delta Spirit’s Matt Vasquez and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes. Each of the frontmen takes a turn singing lead and penning songs on the album, which might give potential listeners a reason to fear that the record will feel disjointed and bizarre. However, Middle Brother successfully rises above the temptations of ego and reveals the collaborative effort of these three talents. Each member has moments to shine on this record, such as the scruffy and rollicking “Blue Eyes,” featuring Vasquez, Goldsmith’s “Blood and Guts” and McCauley’s signature warble, which opens the record with “Daydreaming.” With melancholy-tinged harmonies, solid musicianship and heartbreaking lyrics, fans of each of the respective bands will not be disappointed. Each musician seems to be taking a moment out of his busy career to blow off some steam with a few friends. This is a perfect album for listeners who want to do exactly the same.