The Filthy Fifteen

Filthy Rich
Producer, bassist and beatmaker Richard Herrell worked his contacts list to put together his first “producer album” with some of the city’s nastiest emcees. Rich’s production is dark, brooding — think Dre’s minor key melancholia with a boom-bap bend. Fifteen tracks, many of which are double- and triple-stacked with lyricists from Grimey Rhyme mainstays Nacirema, Polio, Crash DDZ, Blitz, and D.O.H., are light on hooks and heavy on face-melting multi-syllabics. There are a couple skippers: The Silkk the Shocker-isms of B. Good’s “Gone,” and the inanity of “Convictionz of Continuation,” buried in chaotic adlibs and overdubs. Instead, spend time with Mr Goodbar, @BigChetti, and Pete Sake as “Beard Gang.” Rich’s Actual People frontman CJ Prof closes the record with “Trudge On,” a flawless piece of personal storytelling that still knocks in headphones.

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