January 15, 2007

CD Reviews - Neko Case, Johnny Cash

I was a little disappointed when the LEO Music Desk handed me the audio version of the Neko Case 2003 Austin City Limits rather than the recently released DVD. As I’ve said before, she could read the phonebook and I’d be captivated. Then it occurred to me: With the DVD, I’m just watching her onstage in a black cocktail dress.With just the audio, I’m watching her sing her songs riding a bottlenose dolphin in front of a backdrop that spells out “I ♥ U Michael” in giant purple flames, which is how it should be. Thank you, brain. I owe you one.So, certain am I that no one really needs to write another word about Johnny Cash, here are the first couple of verses to Serge Gainsbourg’s “Requiem Pour Un Con”: Ecoute les orguesElles jouent pour toiIl est terrible cet air làJ’espère que tu aimesC’est assez beau nonC’est le requiem pour un con Je l’ai composé spécialement pour toiA ta mémoire de scélératC’est un joli thèmeTu ne trouves pasSemblable à toi mêmePauvre con