Issue June 5, 2012

Snapshots from Summers Past

Eastbound and down — By Anne Marshall A couple Christmases ago, my mother gifted me this framed photo of her three “gorgeous” girls from a “fabulous” summer trip to New York City. Now my mother, immune to New York’s gritty heat, looks stunning. My older sister and I, however, pose as indentured tourists. Together, we … Continued

Hoosier daddy longlegs

Friends, are you frazzled? Has city life got you constantly asking Siri to measure your blood pressure? Perhaps you need to hug a tree. There’s nothing like a rendezvous with nature to help you reconnect with what’s important in life and make your toolwad boss seem like less of a douche. One great feature of … Continued

I have always been here before

Previously on “Fables of the Deconstruction”: My boss suggested I take a vacation. This was apparently based on the fact that I had been showing up to work disoriented, delirious, babbling incoherently. Initially, I tried to argue that I was fine, but as the conversation progressed, it became obvious that my mouth wasn’t saying things … Continued

Another win, please

I’ll Have Another can write his name into history Saturday at Belmont Park. With a victory in the 144th running of the Belmont Stakes, added to his triumphs in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, I’ll Have Another would become just the 12th horse in history to sweep the American Triple Crown — and the first … Continued

Film: Return flight

The artist Marina Abramovic began to get noticed in the ’70s when she would sit stone-faced for several hours, permitting audiences to do as they pleased with her. (At one show, she upped the ante by leaving a loaded gun on a table.) Last Tuesday, the Flyover Film Festival and 21c Museum Hotel brought the … Continued

Theater: The write type

‘Futura’ Written by Jordan Harrison. Directed by Amy Attaway. A Theatre [502] production that continues through June 9 at Actors Theatre of Louisville, 316 W. Main St. For tickets or more info, go to or call 509-1595. If the pen is mightier than the sword, how much more powerful is the moveable type printing … Continued

Then and Now

About a month ago, LEO flipped through a book prepared by consultants for the 1969 city/county planning commission titled “Louisville Center City Development Program.” This came a few days after attending the Louisville Downtown Development Corporation’s annual State of the Downtown breakfast, a rally of sorts highlighting incremental progress in the city’s core. The takeaway? … Continued

Culture: A ‘Bullseye’ for your ears

When Jesse Thorn was in college, he made a decision that would determine the direction of the rest of his life (so far). Fortunately, he didn’t drive drunk into a shopping mall or knock up a one-night stand … he became the host of a non-commercial radio program, “The Sound of Young America.” “When I … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act or comedian listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed JUN 6 … Continued

Summer books to digest

What to read on the beach? It’s the age-old question of vacationing hordes across the world. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of reading in the sand. I don’t even really want to be on a beach unless it’s a cold, windswept place with huge crashing waves. And if I’m there, you can bet I … Continued

Mix it up

Every season benefits from a good soundtrack, but the summer sun in particular demands a steady stream of quality tunes. And when it comes to what we crank up on the stereo when it’s blazing hot, the LEO music mavens have some varied tastes. Below are seven of our very own playlists to help get … Continued


Wild world of fandom Recently, I was lucky enough to attend my very first WonderFest, Louisville’s legendary sci-fi and fantasy convention. My intrepid companion and I arrived with a rabid enthusiasm for model building, submarines, airbrush techniques, film arcana, action figures, latex monsters, superheroes, and all things otherworldly. We were immediately greeted by two gentlemen … Continued

Sanctifying funk with The Lee Boys

The Lee Boys are a bit of an anomaly on the jam band and Americana circuits, even though there’s little more American than a family band jamming on traditional music inspired by the church — and set to a rockin’, funky beat. The Miami-based Lees (three brothers plus three of their nephews) play a style … Continued

Tasty licks

I can think of only one thing that sparks as much enthusiasm among the LEO Weekly staff as ice-cold beer — and that’s ice cream. Turns out we’re also quite fond of frivolous debate, which is what led to our latest taste-testing field trip in which we all hopped on the LEO Bus and headed … Continued


Rock kid  Juggling two bands is strictly for the insane. The pain, stress, joy and rigors of a single band is already more than the average person could handle. Why one would subject himself to double the load only goes to something clinical. Derek Monyhan, of Villebillies and now Gentlemen Hounds, loosened the straightjacket long … Continued

10 things to do this summer

June 9 The Shins Iroquois Amphitheater, 8 p.m., $30, I can think of no better way to start summer than with some wonderfully melancholy indie pop under the stars. And that’s exactly what you’ll get as The Shins kick off Iroquois Amphitheater’s upcoming season, which will include a Summer Concert Series featuring Gov’t Mule, … Continued

Inbox — June 6, 2012

Correction A Staffpick in last week’s issue misspelled the name of Theatre [502]’s latest production, “Futura,” which we review this week (using the correct spelling!) on page 32. LEO regrets the error. Gleeful Read Upfront: I’ve written for LEO, mostly letters, for the past 18 years and gleefully read the Editor’s Note in the last … Continued

The Taste Bud: Grilled + Cheese = Yum

By now, you’ve probably already heard that a new restaurant called Tom + Chee opened recently in the Highlands at 1204 Bardstown Road. So what’s up with this place that has the funny name? I went to the grand opening to find out the very same thing. Well, here it is: A restaurant where the … Continued


<FILM> June 6-8 ‘Crooked Arrows’ Cinemark Tinseltown Various prices and times Kentuckian Brad Riddell scored a writing credit for this new film out now at Tinseltown. “Crooked Arrows” follows the challenges of an American Indian boys lacrosse team as they compete in a prep school league in upstate New York. It stars Brandon Routh … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE 2012; $19.98-$45.98; PG-13 We thought the first “Ghost Rider” movie suffered from too much Nic Cage (ugh), but watching this new one at the theaters devolved into an argument over whether it was made by 9-year-olds or for 9-year-olds. (The answer is “both.”) That’s not to … Continued

Elenowen finds their ‘Voice’

In the decade since Nicole and Josh Johnson got together, much of the cultural landscape has shifted, but the married duo caught up and now might be heading toward big things. Back then, serious musicians didn’t appear on reality shows, most folk-leaning duos didn’t care much about their looks, and folky male/female duos didn’t have … Continued

Beautiful Noise

I was recently asked why I don’t automatically love all local releases, regardless of quality, just because they’re from the same region as me. Albums like this justify my reasoning perfectly. Here’s an album by a local Southern Indiana native, still in college — an album of national quality, and trumping a good deal of … Continued

Wobble Walkin'

Once upon a time, it was cool to be smooth, before elevator music became “smooth jazz.” Guitarist Duke Robillard, known for his T-Bone Walker-influenced blues, is smooth in the old-fashioned sense here, subtly swinging through standards, four originals which share their timeless sound, and one rock ‘n’ roll classic. Robillard’s stripped-down trio features bassist Brad … Continued

The Money Store

This is music as a blunt instrument. Drummer Zach Hill steps out of his normal zone of “highly technical” (quotes because all his press material uses those words, as has every person I’ve discussed Hill with) forays, adding a rapper who is best described as Waka Flocka-esque and then not mentioned again. Don’t think of … Continued

Look Harder

Louisville has some solid live hip-hop acts. I don’t need to list them; they’re already playing somewhere around town this weekend. The bar got raised, however, when Actual People launched their debut album onstage at ZaZoo’s. I’d say it’s a little unfair because Actual People are a live band, but what’s stopping Louisville’s other emcees … Continued