Issue May 1, 2012

NIGHTLIFE GUIDE 2012: The Big Chill

Many claim to have it, but only one can — what is it? A winning personality? The proficient skills of a tenderoni in the bedroom? An expansive scratch-and-sniff sticker collection? It’s the coldest beer in Louisville, of course, and we at LEO believe we have found it. It has taken weeks of thorough research using … Continued

Commit a crime

My friend reported that someone slashed one of her tires, and she was pissed. Was it a random act of violence or was somebody making a focused expression of ill will? Had she done somebody wrong? She thought she had an idea about who might have done it, but dismissed the possibility after some consideration. … Continued

A divinely ‘decadent and depraved’ Kentucky Derby

We interrupt this disturbing drip of doom to predict that Saturday’s Kentucky Derby will again be decadent and depraved. That’s how Hunter S. Thompson famously lampooned the absurdities of Derby 1970 in the pages of Scanlan’s Monthly. The magazine is defunct; Thompson is deceased. The literary landmark still resonates as a hysterical satire of the … Continued

NIGHTLIFE GUIDE 2012: The Bar Guide Listings

Every year as Derby approaches, LEO hits the streets in search of the most interesting stories Louisville’s bar scene has to offer. We scour the city and leave (almost) no watering hole unturned for our annual Nightlife Guide. Below are more than 315 bars, nightclubs and pubs our city proudly displays like badges sewn on … Continued

Don’t ask, do heal

Shortly after 8 a.m. on Saturday morning, two people file into the rectory behind St. Joseph Catholic Church in Butchertown. In search of free primary medical care, they head downstairs, where the Family Community Clinic has set up shop. The nonprofit medical clinic relies on church funding, donations and grants to serve just a small … Continued

NIGHTLIFE GUIDE 2012: Garden-To-Glass

Bourbon is America’s champagne, and given its increasing global popularity, we should allow ourselves a little Napa Valley-level of horn tooting from time to time. So, to help get the barrel rolling, LEO invited some of the city’s most talented bartenders to create a “100-mile cocktail,” celebrating Kentucky whiskey and close-to-home products and produce. The … Continued

Thank you sir, I’ll Have Another

It’s been a while since a California horse won the Kentucky Derby, but 2012 might be the year for another — as in I’ll Have Another, who captured the Santa Anita Derby by about 5 inches, and might win the Kentucky Derby by even more. This handicapper got onto I’ll Have Another the same way … Continued

Booms and plumes

Nothing caps an afternoon of warplane swagger like aggressive sparkles bursting into the night. The always patriotic, never bashful Thunder over Louisville boasts 60 tons of pyrotechnics, earning it the status of one of North America’s largest annual fireworks shows. This year, just like in the past, gunpowder’s family-friendly delegates rocketed from several barges in … Continued

NIGHTLIFE GUIDE 2012: These walls can talk

Sometimes in Louisville, we tend to fasten that Bible Belt a little too tightly, which makes us bulge with conservatism and forget our past as a debaucherous river city. Perhaps we’ve matured and left that life of reckless abandon behind — but we should never forget it. Thankfully, people like Larry Johnson, a concierge at … Continued

Root Hog or Die

For the folks at home “We’ve been walking over to a group of boys who seem to be taking their duties pretty lightly at the moment.” The renowned sportscaster Ted Husing is in Louisville to cover the 65th running of the Kentucky Derby for CBS radio. It’s 1939, three days before the race, and he’s … Continued


New Now Next After recording a demo as Jackalope, the band now called via animo has a new guitarist, and guitarist Kyle Thompson has switched to bass. “I think we are a completely different band now, and I’m really excited about the new sound we have,” says Thompson. “Without sounding too pretentious, I think we … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act or comedian listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed may 2 … Continued

Faun Fables plays with a younger crowd

Some bands develop a special relationship with Louisville as they tour and tour again around this great nation. From the V-Roys and the Features to Faun Fables, friendships are formed and tours become routed around seeing Possibility City yet again. Faun Fables, the Oakland-based underground gypsy carnival “songtelling” group led by singer Dawn McCarthy and … Continued

Derby sounds great

Dear Derby Guest, Welcome to Louisville. Yes, we are the home of KFC, Muhammad Ali, Slugger bats, yada yada. We are also, of course, the home of My Morning Jacket, Slint, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, and a thousand other great bands. That’s why you’re here, right? OK, maybe you’re here for the horses. But what live … Continued

Inbox — May 2, 2012

Our Bad The title of Joe Manning’s April 25 column on the death of musician Levon Helm should have read “Last ride of the Midnight Rambler.” LEO regrets the error. Perpetuating the Cycle In regards to Anne Marshall’s April 18 LEO Weekly article “Derby Traffic”: First, I really appreciate such an honest and eye-opening article, … Continued


<BENEFIT> Wednesday, May 2 Derby Wings Charity Bash Buffalo Wild Wings 1055 Bardstown Road • 454-3635 Free; 7 p.m. As if fried chicken wings and cold beer aren’t enough of a reason to go to a charity function at Buffalo Wild Wings in the Highlands, they’ve decided to go one better — you can meet … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: 42ND STREET FOREVER: THE BLU-RAY EDITION 2012; $18.98-$24.98; UR For the sadly ignorant, “42nd Street Forever” is a series of movie trailer compilations, mainly highlighting the lost world of Grindhouses, those seedy, once-great neighborhood theaters that had given up on upscale entertainment to wallow deep into exploitation and sleaze films — … Continued

Bar Belle: Good girl gone bad

“It’s Derbytime!” seems to be my excuse for being bad these days, and it works quite easily when you’re begging others to keep you company on your spiral into the deep, dark, dank stretch of hell-hole known as the first week in May. Sleep, brain cells and healthy eating are thrown out as effortlessly as … Continued

Beating the crowds with a weekday lunch at Rye

The buzzing gallery and nightspot zone along East Market Street that the PR-meisters wish we would call “NuLu” has become so crowded lately that, as Yogi said, nobody goes there anymore. Of course, this is not true. In fact, thousands of people joyously cram the nabe in pursuit of art and good things to eat … Continued

Culture: Brendon Small’s metal blasts

‘Metalocalypse’ Mondays at 12:15 a.m. on Adult Swim When Brendon Small — the Berklee College of Music-trained guitarist and showrunner of the popular Adult Swim TV series “Metalocalypse” — decided to release his first solo album on April 29, he was advised to stick to the music industry practice of releasing albums on Tuesdays. … Continued

Book: No lonesome Townes

I’ll Be Here in the Morning  By Brian T. Atkinson. Texas A&M; 272 pgs., $24.95. Editor’s Note: 610 Magnolia’s Edward Lee is not only an award-winning chef and “Top Chef” fan favorite, he’s also a big fan of the late Texan singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt. So LEO connected him with Austin, Texas, journalist Brian T. … Continued


Accelerando = gradually increasing in speed. You don’t need a dictionary to appreciate the cutting-edge, sometimes-understated virtuosity of pianist Iyer, drummer Marcus Gilmore and bassist Stephan Crump. This album mixes originals with Iyer’s arrangements, from Heatwave’s “The Star of a Story” to Henry Threadgill’s “Little Pocket Size Demons.” Iyer’s opening “Bode” is a dark sketch, … Continued

Master of My Make-Believe

An interminable four years after her debut, Santi White returns with her sophomore record. Fear not any jinx, this record is every bit as good as her first and has just enough evolution as to not be guilty of retreading old ground. Make-Believe does shift a couple points away from her bass-driven introduction to be … Continued

Adventures in Your Own Backyard

Patrick Watson said the goal of his band’s third album was to give listeners “melodic goosebumps.” Mission accomplished. The orchestral pop that Watson layered together with three bandmates in his Montreal apartment (Get it? They never had to leave the backyard to fuel those creative juices!) is dreamlike in its beauty. Falsetto crooning, whimsical guitar … Continued

Dig a Hole

Floating was simply one of the best rock debuts ever by a Louisville band. That’s a big statement, but one Invaders backed up 11 times on their debut. The band split shortly before finalizing their follow-up, Dig a Hole, now finding our ears at last. What made Floating so special was engineer Kevin Ratterman; it … Continued