Issue May 15, 2012

God save Bill Maher

The Bible-thumping bluegrass — home to the Creation Museum, Southern Baptist Seminary, and maybe one day a Noah’s Ark theme park — hardly seems the ideal demographic for one of the world’s most outspoken infidels. Yet when Bill Maher performed at the Louisville Palace in 2009, the crowd chortled, guffawed and practically groped at the … Continued


Artis more The first full-length album by the band Artis Gilmore, The Narwhal and the Dinosaur, is 42.9 minutes of pure indie-pop, an unexpected fusion of singer-songwriter Rebecca Williams and Nerves Junior members Cory Wayne and Chris Snow. They play Zanzabar on Friday, and their album will be commercially available this week. How did Artis … Continued

Keep students’ interest rates low

From the time I started LEO in 1990 to the present, the number of students who graduate carrying debt has more than doubled. Of every 100 students who earn a bachelor’s degree from a U.S. college this year, 94 owe money when they graduate. I’m not talking about a few text books left over on … Continued

Workin’ the Swingshift

I was listening to “On Point” the other day on NPR. This was my first mistake. Since I’m not always bright enough to take note of Tom Ashbrook’s rhetorical dog and pony show, in which he leads his guests and listeners around by the nose, I find myself engaged from time to time. The topic … Continued

Evolution of a more perfect union

In the biggest frickin’ deal of his vice presidency, Joe Biden became the highest-ranking U.S. official to publicly endorse same-sex marriage, on “Meet the Press” two Sundays ago. In doing so, he revitalized a national debate — and the hopes and fears of its combatants. It’s unclear whether Biden deliberately decided “I’ll have another” maverick … Continued

Race for the 19th

Perhaps the most competitive and important race on the ballot Tuesday in Louisville is the Democratic primary for the state Senate’s 19th District. With no Republican opponent this fall, the winner of this race will take over the seat of retiring Sen. Tim Shaughnessy for the next four years. The race features Sarah Lynn Cunningham … Continued

Me Vs. Music

Dilettantes do Derby Derby’s come and gone, but the residual liver dysfunction remains. The weeks following begin the reflective period when Louisvillians question the direction of their lives: “Did I spend that much money?” “Whose underwear is this?” Hunter S. Thompson found his greatest truth writing about Derby. The debauchery of Derby leaves none unscathed. … Continued

The JCPS Shake-Up

It’s not uncommon for newly minted superintendents to arrive, scrutinize and rearrange a district’s central office, especially in struggling, urban school districts. But it hadn’t happened at Jefferson County Public Schools in a really long time. One of superintendent Donna Hargens’ most headline-grabbing changes of late involves the elimination of 41 administrative positions. A few … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act or comedian listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites. Wed may 16 Billiards … Continued

Dark Dark Dark on the rise

Sometimes, despite all best efforts, the meeting of the subject and the journalist doesn’t quite work out. In the case of the band Dark Dark Dark, their current stint in a recording studio in New Orleans, where they are working on their third full-length album, has taken up most of their waking hours this month. … Continued

Inbox — May 16, 2012

Correction In last week’s cover story on “Dark Shadows,” Kentucky native Roger Davis came to Louisville in 1979 to help renovate the Seelbach Hotel, not the Galt House. LEO regrets the error. Diss Appointed Surprise and dismay was the reaction I felt to the article on “MCA’s legacy” (LEO Weekly, May 9). One question, LEO … Continued

Lee Ranaldo’s new sonic life

For 30 years, Lee Ranaldo was one of the two guitar heroes of the ultimate guitar/noise/cool band Sonic Youth. While he sang some songs, Ranaldo was perceived as being more of a worker and less of a centerpiece than guitarist Thurston Moore and bassist Kim Gordon, who sang more and stood out for their long, … Continued


<MUSIC> Wednesday, May 16 Memoryhouse Zanzabar 2100 S. Preston St. • 635-9227 $10; 9 p.m. Sub Pop shoegazing poppers Memoryhouse are touring behind their new album, The Slideshow Effect, which showcases the Ontario-based band evolving from a bedroom project into a real, full-time band. The founders, Evan Abeele and Denise Nouvion, began working together … Continued

Theater: Opera and drama collide in ‘bare’

‘bare’ Produced by Pandora Productions. Directed by Michael Drury. Continues through May 20 at Actors Theatre of Louisville. For tickets or more info, go to or call 216-5502. A warmly lit churchy setting and the rich tones of an ancient Latin chant set the stage for “bare,” the musical by Jon Hartmere and Damon … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: RED TAILS 2012; $19.98-$39.98; PG-13 George Lucas has proven time and again that he is a master at visual magic and classic plots — but he must never be allowed to write dialogue! Luckily he only co-wrote this exciting, true tale of the Tuskegee Airmen, the all-black squad of air-aces who … Continued

Film: Back from the dead

‘Dark Shadows’ Starring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green and Michelle Pfeiffer. Directed by Tim Burton. Rated PG-13; 1:53. LEO Report Card: B They don’t make Tim Burton films like they used to — or maybe they do, and that’s the problem. Despite retaining A-list status during a career that’s endured for almost 30 … Continued

Bar Belle: I do!

I never dreamed of a white wedding. Never longed for a veil, a princess dress or a church full of people who turn around at the exact same moment to stare at you. I was instead intrigued by around-the-world journeys, training dolphins in Australia and living with my best girlfriends in a Florida condo a … Continued

La Coop brings bistro to town

Since the loss of Deitrich’s and the short-lived Le Beaujolais at the Douglass Loop, the lack of a good bistro in this town has been a major whining point for foodies. Sure, we have the awesome Le Relais, but it’s a fancy, upscale restaurant, hardly a bistro by any standard. So what is a bistro? … Continued

The Aquabats’ super family fun

‘The Aquabats! Super Show!’ Saturdays at 11 a.m., The Hub, Christian Jacobs has lived many lives in his 40 years on this planet. Today he is star, co-creator and executive producer of the campy Saturday morning show “The Aquabats! Super Show!,” which stars his long-running New Wave pop-punk band, The Aquabats. It took 15 years … Continued

Culture: Podcasts you might be missing

People keep asking me, “How in Sam Stinkin’ Hell do you have time to listen to all of these podcasts?” No matter how often I explain that I am not just sitting on my duff as I listen (but instead am, at the very least, double-tasking — simultaneously folding laundry, cooking, walking dogs, driving, etc.), … Continued

Art: Deconstructing light

Awkward x 2, the likely/unlikely duo of Rebecca Norton and Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, are painters who are interested in aesthetic philosophy and its practical application. The two teamed up in 2010 and work collaboratively on each painting. Sometimes in the same studio, sometimes sending them back and forth across the country, they work in tandem until … Continued