Issue April 3, 2012

Commercial appeal

Glance over the University of Kentucky basketball bench at Rupp Arena and it unfolds in predictable order: dapper coaches, sweaty players with legs as long and sturdy as lamp posts, a cluster of casually dressed support staff. Now veer to the right, directly behind the basket. There sits a ubiquitous, endearing mug, albeit one that’s … Continued

What a riot

Transfixed by all the trash talk between Louisville and Lexington, I couldn’t resist joining the fray. Seconds into Saturday’s frenzied NCAA Final Four face-off, I texted my godson at UK. “I’m so sorry we’re going to have to kick your alabaster ass,” I wrote. “Oh Godfather,” he replied, “we here at the University of Kentucky … Continued

Ask an English Major

Welcome once again to “Ask an English Major about Political Science,” the column that puts the Hume in humanities. We’ve got lots of interesting questions, so let’s get right to it: Dear English Major: With communism in retreat worldwide and neoconservatism literally in flames, liberal democracy seems to be the only viable political philosophy remaining … Continued

The myth of the ‘liberal’ media

There’s a common refrain that we’ve got a “liberal media” here in the United States. How many times have you heard TV and radio talking heads pontificate about this or read editorials ripping the establishment press as a liberal bastion? Rather than the truth, however, it’s a widely believed myth resulting from a long and … Continued

Inbox — April 4, 2012

No Toll for TARC Regarding Steve Shaw’s March 21 column about the bridges: The truth be told, we are going to have tolling on the Ohio River Bridges. Our focus should now be on making certain that toll revenues serve the public interests and not private corporate profits. Shaw’s column mentioned a well-intentioned effort by … Continued

Dream Game Digest

There it was — the situation Cardinal fans craved, the one they believed would cause the Big Blue Nation to shudder. The moment midway through the second half that Louisville fans had been hoping for since arriving in the Crescent City for a date with the University of Kentucky, the moment that had the faithful … Continued

Take Me To Your Leader

Negotiable silence? Congressman Ron Paul has always had a reputation for “telling it like it is” — whether calling out his own party as warmongers, or saying in a debate that if someone is dying without health insurance, they’re on their own and the free market will work itself out. But that reputation has been … Continued


<LECTURE> Thursday, April 5 Ann Hamilton Speed Art Museum Auditorium Free; 6 p.m. Noted artist, writer and philanthropist Nora Iasigi Bullitt will get her due. An annual lecture, sponsored by the University of Louisville’s Hite Art Institute, endowed in Bullitt’s name, will be presented this year by another world-renowned figure in the world of … Continued

Theater: The A Team

By my reckoning, the 2012 Humana Festival of New American Plays (the 36th renewal) is the strongest festival in recent memory — and that’s an extraordinary achievement, given that for much of the last year, Actors Theatre of Louisville was without an artistic director. In the spring of 2011, Marc Masterson announced that, after 11 … Continued

Theater: A short goodbye

‘The Ten-Minute Plays’ “The Dungeons and the Dragons” — written by Kyle John Schmidt, directed by K.J. Sanchez; “Hero Dad” — written by Laura Jacqmin, directed by Sarah Rasmussen; “The Ballad of 423 and 424” — written by Nicholas Pappas, directed by Sarah Rasmussen. Produced by Actors Theatre of Louisville as part of the Humana … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: SEKIREI: COMPLETE SERIES 2012; $36.98-$49.98; UR We had never heard of this goofy, animated, titty-ninja series, but now we can’t stop laughing! A horny dweeb named Minato finds himself face-to-chest with a buxom young mystery woman. It seems she is a mystical warrior whose magic mojo is housed in her massive … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act or comedian listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed apr 4 … Continued


X love Scott Shuffitt is known as a co-founder of Lebowski Fest, but he’s also a filmmaker. His documentary about the struggles faced by ear X-tacy and other record stores in the digital age, “Brick and Mortar and Love,” premieres at the Louisville Science Center on Friday, April 7, at 7 p.m. LEO: How has … Continued

Huntress: The season of the witch

If there’s an It Girl in metal right now, it’s Jill Janus, the tall, blonde, statuesque, always half-naked, totally pagan operatic singer in Huntress. After years as a staple in the L.A. rock nightlife, DJing and promoting club shows, she formed her own band last year. Huntress quickly signed a deal with the monolithic European … Continued

Decca is an icon in the making

The blue and white logo on the western side of Decca’s 136-year-old building in NuLu may be painted to look weathered and old, but this popular spot is actually one of the hottest new tickets in its rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. But it would be a mistake to think of Decca as merely another NuLu hipster … Continued

Mickey Hart’s space odyssey

Forty-five years ago, drummer Mickey Hart sat in with the Grateful Dead, and the rest is history. Hart brought a second drum set to the Dead, and also an appreciation for Indian music and odd time signatures. In 1972, Hart began releasing diverse solo and collaborative projects, including 1991’s Planet Drum, which won the first … Continued

Bar Belle: Gettin’ lucky in Kentucky

What a week for my liver. This NCAA Tournament was difficult to keep up with but proved to be one hell of a ride. A few bruises and a lack of sleep were worth every minute of cheering, beering and sneering the teams on to the Final Four. I was so into the spirit one … Continued

Book: Deep thoughts by George Steiner

‘The Poetry of Thought: From Hellenism to Celan’ By George Steiner. New Directions; 192 pgs., $24.95. George Steiner, the celebrated polymath, summarizes his most recent book, “The Poetry of Thought,” with a deceptively straightforward claim — that “literature and philosophy as we have known them are products of language … their means, their constraints are … Continued

Art: A new Flame

Color me surprised to learn that the Flame Run Glass Studio and Gallery is moving into the Glassworks building at 815 W. Market St. As someone who was a consultant for Glassworks prior to the building’s opening in 2001 (I was the content advisor on the in-house video), I knew the less-than-pleasant feelings that glass … Continued

Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables

Would you like someone other than a New Jersey millionaire to sing on behalf of the dispossessed? Todd Snider is established as Nashville’s most smart-assed singer-songwriter, and here’s an effort that shows how pissed off he is nowadays. Snider used to mix casually provocative ballads of America’s underbelly with some sweetly sentimental material — but … Continued

Blues Funeral

If tears were liquor, I’d’ve drunk myself sick, Lanegan sings in “St. Louis Elegy,” and such a worldview does a pretty good job summing up this album. For all who love Johnny Cash, Tom Waits or Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan is a name you should know by now. The great singer has made another great … Continued

The Morning After

Lexington MC J Cannon is the latest addition to the Feel Free camp, which has brought us Jalin Roze and Tarik Adams. Josh La Rock lays the foundation for the tracks, his quality consistent and undeniable. The loose concept of the disc is reflected in its name, which can wear over the course of the … Continued

The Adventures of House Ghost

The girls are on the shore / And we’re watchin’ them shake / In the sun. These might seem like odd lyrics for a band in a city this far from any beach, but House Ghost’s music is a peculiar brand: inland surf rock. For example, those particular words tell of a party on the … Continued