Issue February 21, 2012

The truth about consequences

It’s a Saturday afternoon at Zion Baptist Church in west Louisville. In the basement of the elegant brick church, kids gulp last bites of hamburgers, slide out of aluminum chairs and scatter to upstairs rooms where video games, movies and literacy lessons await. A few teenagers linger in the basement, gripping drumsticks. Andre, an affable, … Continued

One month at a time

A version of this column, written by Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3), originally appeared in LEO Weekly in February 1997. Last week I learned something extraordinary. I learned that the golf tee, that little piece of wood indispensable to the sport, was invented by G.W. Grant, an African-American man. Considering that I play (or once did, … Continued

Arrest this development

“Jefferson County/Metro Louisville has been deemed one of the most poorly planned cities in the nation, in terms of suburban sprawl and dumb growth,” state Rep. Jim Wayne told the House Local Government Committee on Jan. 11. He didn’t see how that would change with the passage of the developer-friendly bill under consideration. And he … Continued

Subterranean permit blues

Last year, Louisville Gas & Electric began the permitting process to build a 218-acre coal ash landfill adjacent to their power plant in Trimble County. But LG&E has since hit a snag, in large part due to local activists pointing out the presence of a cave at the proposed site. At a public meeting held … Continued

Good time overalls

A man with the grandfatherly face of Wilford Brimley tenderly removes his glasses. He tilts his face up, an invitation. Down she leans, led by a quivering storm of silicone and flesh that slaps at his face. All around him, a generous slice of the heartland stirs, draining domestic longnecks, winding down from a day … Continued

Inbox — Feb. 22, 2012

The Band Plays On I wish to thank Joe Sonka for his balanced reporting in his article “The not-so-merry orchestra” (LEO Weekly, Feb. 15), but I would also like to respond to some of the Louisville Orchestra musicians’ implications printed in that article regarding the motives of our ensemble. I, too, am a highly skilled … Continued


<BENEFIT> Thursday, Feb. 23 Drag Queen Bingo The Connection 120 S. Floyd St. $15; 7 p.m. Hurricane Summers is a force to be reckoned with while on stage at Connection’s nightly drag show. She’ll call you out without hesitation. She’ll make fun of sorority girls on annoying bachelorette parties, gay boys on parade and lesbians … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: PUSS IN BOOTS 2011; $19.98-$49.98; PG Despite being two (over)grown men, we went to the theater to see this damn fine spin-off of the “Shrek” franchise — and saw quite a few adults doing the same thing. A terrific original tale of heroism, loyalty and truly bad puns with great music … Continued

Dining: The small stuff punks Taco Punk

Life’s little frustrating moments: You’re watching an earnest worker trying to put together your lunch. He fumbles. You ask for this. He gives you that. Oops — a bit of something just hit the floor. This is taking longer than it should, and things don’t get better. You want to offer advice. Then you want … Continued

Comedy: Lewis Black — beyond belief

If you don’t know who Lewis Black is, then you’ve probably been living in a cave in the south of France for a millennium and a half. He’s one of the most renowned comics in the business, and he’s been ranting and raving all over television and movies for the better part of two decades. … Continued

Me Vs. Music

The Fame Monster I can honestly say I’m shocked to hear Whitney Houston died. I am. I knew she had substance abuse problems, but I didn’t expect to hear this news. I figured it was another celebrity death hoax. I know that our jaded generation is “so over” the deaths of famous people. Yet, on … Continued

Book: A wild war story

‘The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan By Michael Hastings. Blue Rider Press; 432 pgs., $27.95. In the summer of 2010, Rolling Stone published a profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, titled “The Runaway General.” The article details several weeks inside McChrystal’s inner circle, … Continued

Art: Ten years gone

Nine years ago, I stumbled across a few of Anthony Goicolea’s photographs. Highly saturated and theatrical, Goicolea duplicates his own image, populating scenes with hordes of himself. In one, “Feastlings,” a dinner party is ransacked. In another, a panorama of young men hold farm implements and play-fight behind the menacing stares of those in the … Continued


Adventure’s gonna tump! The singing-guitarist Medley brothers of Adventure, Phil and Josef, didn’t mind telling LEO about their new record, which will be celebrated with a release show at Zanzabar Friday at 9 p.m. LEO: Tell me about this new record coming out. What should America expect to hear? Josef Medley: A guy who eats … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act or comedian listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.     Wed FEB … Continued

Carolina Chocolate Drops and the Digital Folk Revival

Dom Flemons harbors a deep respect for Louisville’s unsung history of jug band music. “People like the Memphis Jug Band and Cannon’s Jug Stompers get a lot of press,” says the Carolina Chocolate Drops multi-instrumentalist, “but the Louisville jug bands are a different level of good. You hear some of that stuff, and they’re really … Continued

Del McCoury’s musical relations

Born in 1939, Del McCoury has more energy than a person half his age. Though he established himself in the bluegrass world by the age of 24, singing and playing guitar for Bill Monroe, the Nashville resident didn’t break out as a star in his own right until the early 1990s, when he was in … Continued

Bar Belle: One moment in time

I heard the news of Whitney Houston’s death while sitting in a booth at the Barret Bar. My first thoughts: “It can’t be!”; “Another hoax?”; “I never got to see her in concert!”; “Is it too late to swap out Celine Dion?”; “I’m gonna need another drink.” And then I remembered the book report I … Continued

Bones for Tinder

Justin Robinson was the jug-blowing heart of the Carolina Chocolate Drops until last February. The trio finished touring on their excellent, Grammy-nominated, Genuine Negro Jig album, and announced Robinson’s departure from the Lincoln Center stage, accompanied by the usual noises about pursuing “new challenges” and being “still friends.” A year later, with new group the … Continued

Let’s Go Eat the Factory

Every diehard’s dream was realized when the golden boys of Guided by Voices rallied together for another go as a classic line-up. A tour ensued, and then came Let’s Go Eat the Factory. But traces of Robert Pollard’s previous endeavors weren’t left behind. “Hang, Mr. Kite” brings back the eerie wave of Circus Devils from … Continued

Mr. Sunshine

Life isn’t like kindergarten. One doesn’t get high marks just for “satisfactory”; it’s sink or swim. And merely having an obvious love for something doesn’t automatically bring the accolades. Marc Adams has just released his debut long-player, Mr. Sunshine, and, though the production is solid, and his ideas promising, the album just falls flat. Like … Continued

Grown Man Business

Local MC Fonz has come a long way to make this record. After surviving a random shooting last Mother’s Day, he had to teach himself how to walk again. The drive to keep creating music kept him moving forward. Like many MCs from the region, Fonz travels regularly to Atlanta to market his talents beyond … Continued