Issue December 4, 2012

Winter Guide 2012: Hot and hearty

During this time of year, when it gets dark early and the sun plays hide-n-seek, I find warmth and comfort in food. It stems from childhood, I suppose, having been raised in a home where most dinners featured comforting, made-from-scratch dishes. So when our fickle fall weather succumbs to freezing temperatures, I reflexively crave meals … Continued


There’s a clearing out by the garden, just beyond the shed, that’s perfect for landing a sleigh, but I didn’t maintain it very well last year, so I spent the day of Christmas Eve working on it, collecting branches, clearing brush, raking leaves, hacking down the tall grass. I chopped some wood for the stove. … Continued

Monogamy in the lab

A study published Tuesday in the Journal of Neuroscience has uncovered a surprising new property of (the hormone) oxytocin, finding that when men in monogamous relationships got a sniff of the stuff, they subsequently put a little extra space between themselves and an attractive woman they’d just met … A mounting body of recent research … Continued


<THEATER> Dec. 5-23 ‘A Christmas Carol’ Actors Theatre 316 W. Main St. • 584-1205 $24+; various times Ralphie and his pink bunny PJs have been put to bed for the year, but the holiday season at Actors is still dashing away all December long (almost). In its 37th year, “A Christmas Carol,” sponsored by … Continued

Inbox — Dec. 5, 2012

Correction The Nov. 21 story “Six Months Later” about the shooting death of Makeba Lee inaccurately stated the victim was a Central High School graduate. Lee’s immediate family members also contacted LEO to say it was a funeral home employee who stood by Lee’s casket inside the funeral home, not a police officer. LEO regrets … Continued


THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: CHILLER: THE COMPLETE TELEVISION SERIES 1995; $29.98; UR This short-lived Limey TV horror anthology has never been seen in the United States in any form but has been on every horror-hound’s wish list for more than a decade. Now available: all five — count ’em, five! — big supernatural shockers featuring … Continued

Advice: Savage Love

Sometimes I kick the proverbial hornet’s nest intentionally, and sometimes I do it accidentally. I honestly didn’t expect the outraged response after I wrote that poly wasn’t a sexual identity in the “sexual orientation” sense of the term. Some people identify as poly, just as some people identify as, say, dominant or submissive. While I … Continued

Theater: Deck the halls with ‘Holiday Balls’

‘Velma & Louise’s Holiday Balls’ Presented by Pandora Productions. Written by Jim Hesselman. Co-directed by Michael J. Drury and Doug Jones. Continues through Dec. 9 at the Henry Clay. For tickets or info, go to There is something weirdly fascinating about those Christmas cable access specials. No one will own up to putting the … Continued

Greek girl power

“Lysistrata” is a play you may or may not be familiar with in this modern age of Neil Simons and David Mamets — but it’s one of the oldest surviving Greek comedies. Often overlooked, the play is rarely performed on any stage outside of a college level theater class. Dating back to 411 B.C., the … Continued

Film: Re-soundz

As they did in 2011, the Dreamland Film Center will introduce a set of theater upgrades with the presentation of Reel Soundz, a music-focused, documentary film series. The screenings kick off this week, running on Friday and Saturday nights through Dec.15. The Louisville Film Society says renovations to Dreamland are behind them for now, as … Continued

Me Vs. Music

Sob story A new syndrome has developed in my home. It involves gross sentimentality and the uncontrollable urge to cry at the simplest inkling of a cute baby or a sweet moment between a TV parent and child. The Boy and I have named it “Weepy Bitch Syndrome.” Now, this would be a nonsexist use … Continued


Destiny’s kids Imbued with the working-class DIY spirit, Ruff Patches play a garage rock that the band considers predestined. Bassist/vocalist Dave Mancini believes “The universe formed us. Musically, things just happen on their own … I mean, we are just the bodies doing the playing … the music comes from some higher power of some … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed DEC 5 Air Devils … Continued

Preservation Hall’s contemporary dance music

New Orleans’ Preservation Hall Jazz Band (PHJB) joins the Rolling Stones in celebrating a 50th anniversary this year. It’s hard to imagine going to New Orleans and not dropping in at the venerable Preservation Hall, a bastion of traditional jazz in the French Quarter. It only accommodates about 100 people at a time, mostly SRO, … Continued

AP Crafters crafts winning food and drink

When Tony Palombino opened AP Crafters over the smoking remains of the short-lived Indigo Joe’s in Westport Village a year ago last spring, I couldn’t help wonder what the guy who might rank as Louisville’s most innovative entrepreneur of good eats was up to now. After all, Palombino is the guy who built Tony Boombozz … Continued

Sibling bonding

Sibling rivalry can be the fiercest of competitions, more vicious than political infighting. It’s love and hate, there’s the protective instinct, and, of course, a desire to one-up that pesky brother or sister. A sibling can somehow get closer to pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses than anyone else in this world. It’s an indescribable, unparalleled … Continued

Bar Belle: Sip on my Titicaca Cumquat

I’d like to admit a few things about myself. I like to sleep in but never make it past 10 a.m. I cook a mean huevos rancheros. I like my coffee with a splash of cream and hate it when establishments (ahem, Duncan Donuts) don’t let me add it myself. And I’m easy … wait … Continued

Book: A ‘Trainspotting’ prequel of sorts

‘Skagboys’ By Irvine Welsh. W.W. Norton; 544 pgs., $25. For me, the gang of lovable heroin-addict reprobates Irvine Welsh created in his seminal 1993 novel “Trainspotting” are like old acquaintances: You don’t want to maintain regular contact with them, and you certainly wouldn’t let them in your house, but it’s nice to see what they’ve … Continued

Real world rotation

Dr. Michelle Parchman, a tall, chipper brunette, strides across Jackson Street on a cold, overcast November morning, parking herself underneath a bus shelter. From beneath the 27-year-old’s gold-hued winter coat, a white medical jacket fans out, its pockets packed with a stethoscope and a wad of stickers for little ones she’ll encounter at the Iroquois … Continued

Strange bedfellows

When LG&E announced last year that new EPA rules would force the company to make costly retrofits to their Mill Creek coal-fired power plant — paid for by consumers via a large rate hike — many in Frankfort labeled this as part of the federal government’s so-called “War on Coal.” Gov. Steve Beshear immediately fired … Continued

Winter Guide 2012: Silent Knights

As many savvy LEO readers have suspected, our Music City Uberlords have been systematically replacing your beloved LEO staff writers with automated crap-generating software, thus increasing productivity while reducing flatulence and herpes outbreaks to near-tolerable levels. But it wasn’t until this morning’s scurry from our damp basement quarters that we noticed how bad it had … Continued

Winter Guide 2012: Snow job

Each fall, for too many years, record store clerks have watched a familiar scenario unfold, as predictable as falling leaves and as unattractive as naked, soaped-up Santa in the shower — otherwise intelligent adults groping through hundreds of Christmas CDs, forced to pick one for Mom/Grandma/Secret Santa/party ambiance, when they’d rather not be throwing away … Continued

Winter Guide 2012: Fireside fiction

While plenty of new books by old pros have flooded the market this fall, we’re not going to spend time here on writers who now seem to be pretty much phoning it in. Yes, you, Barbara Kingsolver. And you, Zadie Smith. And most especially you and you, Ian McEwan and Martin Amis. Our recommended reading … Continued

Winter Guide 2012: Hot and naughty

Winter is the perfect season for staying toasty and toasted. What else is there really to do other than throw snowballs at strangers and fly south? Louisville’s fine cocktail establishments have dusted off their seasonal drink menus by now, which means hot toddys, hard apple ciders and hot chocolate bourbons for everyone! And by everyone, … Continued

Honor Found in Decay

As an originator of post-metal, Neurosis led the way to a new songwriting aesthetic. It’s a mix of post-rock, heavy riffing and shoegaze, where beauty and emotional depth light up dark and often ugly music. Honor Found in Decay show them with nothing left to prove, but with a lot left to give. The keyboards … Continued

Big Sackbut

Just so you know, a sackbut is a medieval trombone; Big Sackbut is a three-trombone, one-tuba quartet, inspired in part by the groundbreaking World Saxophone Quartet. No drums, no piano, no nothin’ but bass horns. Like the WSQ, Fiedler and company swing hard without a rhythm section, moving between avant-garde and more mainstream sounds. Originals, … Continued

The Filthy Fifteen

Producer, bassist and beatmaker Richard Herrell worked his contacts list to put together his first “producer album” with some of the city’s nastiest emcees. Rich’s production is dark, brooding — think Dre’s minor key melancholia with a boom-bap bend. Fifteen tracks, many of which are double- and triple-stacked with lyricists from Grimey Rhyme mainstays Nacirema, … Continued

The Odds

Having once declined to throw up the “W” at a Wu-Tang concert, I found myself incapable of denying Ian MacKaye when he demanded a sing-along. This is the power that MacKaye has had on me since I was young, and it continues with the release of the newest Evens record, The Odds. Comprised of MacKaye … Continued