Issue December 18, 2012

2012 People Issue: Sudanese Rebaba Project

Inside a brick ranch house, sitting on a soft, brown sectional couch, Michael Pac, David Bior and James Malou watch a Saturday afternoon Kansas City Chiefs game on a big-screen TV. It’s a scene stitched into many American living rooms. But tucked into a corner lies a musical amalgamation unfamiliar to most households. Constructed from … Continued

Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing/Breadcrumb Trail

In the dream, I was sent away from my home. I wasn’t wanted anymore. I wasn’t given the option to pack. The house disappeared as soon as I looked over my shoulder. There was nothing to be seen in any direction. Moonlight shone through spindly, leafless trees and sparkled on the muddy clay ground. I … Continued

The secession of Louisville

Holy secession, Batman! Apparently, the U.S. is going to lose a few states — at least that’s what some Southerners would like to see. Immediately following Barack Obama’s re-election, a New Orleans resident petitioned the White House to allow Louisiana to secede. As is the wont of their twisted ilk, sympathizers throughout the region followed … Continued

Just another Christmas story

Santa Claus was a dick. Jesus, too. Those were Jasper’s views about Christmas in a nutshell. Frosty, Rudolph and Hermey the Dentist could all kiss Jasper’s ass. And God? Literature’s most implausible science-fiction villain. Jasper’s brother Cal had died on a cold December midnight, gasping for air as cancer stole his life away in the … Continued

2012 People Issue: Arsenio Zignoto

Arsenio Zignoto is not the name given him by those who brought him into the world, but neither is Zignoto merely the sum of his chromosomes. You may not know him by any name, but his is a face easily recognized. As long and lean as his dreadlocks (or his affinity for giraffes), the multi-instrumentalist … Continued

2012 People Issue: Anthony Smith

To say that Anthony Smith is a busy man with big goals would be a grand understatement. As the organizing director for Louisville’s Network Center for Community Change (NC3), Smith tackles a wide range of challenges, from vacant and abandoned properties plaguing neighborhoods to at-risk youth lacking the necessary resources to escape a cycle of … Continued

2012 People Issue: Berk Bryant

When public radio is at its best, it brings music, community and a strong point of view together in a way that can’t be faked. And while WFPK-FM has a heaping handful of local talent, none can quite be compared to Berk Bryant, the authentically genial host of “Sunday Bluegrass.” Aged 82 years, Bryant’s both … Continued

2012 People Issue: Dr. Kim Carpenter

When you go to see Dr. Kim Carpenter, she does not play around. “Our approach to health is looking at you as a whole person, and then we address the way you eat, the way you move, the way you think, and the way that you live your life through your nervous system, to see … Continued

2012 People Issue: Savannah Dietrich

Wearing skinny black jeans and a T-shirt, 17-year-old Savannah Dietrich tucks her feet beneath her as she folds into her dad’s Lazy Boy chair. “Law and Order” — her favorite show — plays on TV. She’s watched pretty much every episode and knows the characters, their dialogue by heart. “Olivia Benson always says, you know, … Continued

2012 People Issue: Aubrey Clemons

One of the first things you notice about Aubrey Clemons is his smile, almost cartoonish in its expanse, each tooth straight and bright like a row of “Wheel of Fortune” squares awaiting Vanna’s spin. Not exactly the dental framework one might expect from a man who’s spent his life dodging fists. “Good defense,” Clemons jokes. … Continued

2012 People Issue: The Brewmaster — Leah Dienes

Most of us sit chained to our desks from 8-5 dreaming of a better job, a thinner body and a fatter wallet. Very few of us are actually able to break those chains to pursue what it is we really want to do. Leah Dienes loved to brew beer and knew she was good at … Continued

2012 People Issue: Courtenay Kunnecke & Nathan Erickson

If you haven’t heard of or been to the Flea Off Market by now, you’re likely spending way too much time inside a mall and leaving large carbon footprints all over the city. The monthly urban flea market just turned 1 in November and boasted more than 100 vendors and thousands of patrons at its … Continued

2012 People Issue: Lola Arslanbekova

If your résumé boasts that you’re ranked No. 3 in the nation in kills, you’re either a crazy serial killer or a damn fine volleyball player. Lola Arslanbekova is the latter, thankfully, and she led the University of Louisville volleyball team in one of its most successful seasons to date. The Cardinals finished the year … Continued

2012 People Issue: The Rev. Patrick Delahanty

If you’ve ever walked through the bustling halls of the capitol annex in Frankfort during a session of Kentucky’s General Assembly over the past three decades, there’s a good chance you’ve run into the Rev. Pat Delahanty. One of the founders of the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty 24 years ago, Delahanty is … Continued

Keep on the Sunny Side

Meat Loaf, meet Meat Oaf Pablo Picasso saw Françoise Gilot’s lovely, fragmented Cubist face as an ashtray for stubbing out his Gitanes. I am not likely to forgive him for that, but on account of my sick and dysfunctional family training, I can’t just cast him aside. I have to accept his nauseating flaws, like … Continued

Take me to your leader

Just five days after being mocked by his Democratic colleagues on the Senate floor for filibustering his own bill, Sen. Mitch McConnell faced an even greater indignity last Thursday: a new poll from Public Policy Polling showing his approval rating in Kentucky as the lowest of any senator in the country. In addition to his … Continued

Vice Tricks jump up and down

I’m not a sick boy, I’m not a well boy I’m just a man who likes his music really, really loud. —“Rock & Roll” King and Verity Vice are a couple made for each other, like Lulu and Sailor in “Wild at Heart” or Johnny and June. The leaders of the self-described “Psycho Rock” band … Continued


Black and Blue and White White Reaper is a fuzz-rock explosion made up of two: guitarist and vocalist Anthony Esposito and drummer and “cassette tape technology” specialist Nick Wilkerson. Their debut album, White Aura, was released on Halloween. “We’re really influenced by fuzzy 1960s and 1970s kind of stuff, like Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath, … Continued

Ball Droppings 2012

COMPILED BY PETER BERKOWITZ & SARA HAVENS | Is it a coincidence that New Year’s rhymes with few beers, screw tears, cue cheers and shoo fears? Well, listen up with your two ears (bonus rhyme) as we relay some of the best spots in town to fill your dance card. Like Grandma always advised, … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed DEC 19 Air Devils … Continued

Inbox — Dec. 19, 2012

No Mercy Talk about a “Snow Job”: Peter Berkowitz’s mean-spirited review of Jewish Christmas records (LEO Weekly, Dec. 5) reveals a superficial understanding of religion, American popular culture, commerce and, most of all, music. Christmas, as it is observed today, compels people to spend money they don’t have to give people they don’t like things … Continued


<ART> Through Dec. 21 BFA Thesis Exhibition Hite Art Institute Galleries 107 Schneider Hall • 852-6794 The holiday season is upon us, a time of new beginnings as another year draws to a close. This December, U of L’s Hite Art Institute also finds itself at a point of transition, as the latest class … Continued

Advice: Savage Love

Q: This is a touchy and gross subject. I am a 17-year-old girl growing up in an adoptive family in Australia. I was sexually abused by my birth family, and I think it really fucked up my sexuality. The only thing that gets me off is the idea of people absolutely destroying their lives for … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: JUSTIFIED: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON 2012; $38.98-$75.98; UR It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the third season of this terrific FX series set in the coal-mining slums of Eastern Kentucky. Timothy Olyphant rawks as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, a man who once played by the rules but now … Continued

Bar Belle: Xmas and/or Bucket List

Dearest Santa, I’m a little late this year getting you my Christmas list — shocker — but I’m sure your magical and drunken elves will have no trouble pulling together some of these items and throwing them under my beer-can tree. Last year you only got me two things I asked for — the O.W.N. … Continued

Banh Mi Hero gets the Vietnamese sandwich right

It’s no longer hip to claim colonialism was cool. Take it from one who spends entirely too much time in the groves of academia: In this post-colonial era, the dead white men who once strode the earth to plant a flag in distant lands in the name of president or queen are distinctly out of … Continued

Book: School’s out

Carrie Neumayer has pursued three things over the past 15 years and has learned that, sometimes, something’s got to give. She began making art and music while still in school and struggled to continue when she became a JCPS art teacher. “Teaching in the system is rewarding in many ways, but it’s a ridiculously demanding … Continued

Art: Under the sea

For Amy Goforth, the act of creating her latest exhibit, “The Spirit of the Devilfish,” was a spiritual journey. Goforth, who had stopped painting after her graduation from Indiana University Southeast, endeavored to gain some creative momentum by trying to get a single piece shown at Tim Faulkner Gallery three months ago. Impressed with her … Continued


Listening to The Sword’s fourth album, Apocryphon, is like stepping back in time, but to which era, I am not quite sure. At first, the classic guitar riffs and vocals with a heavy rate of vibrato channel the ’70s sounds of Asia and Blue Oyster Cult, but as the mythical and philosophical element of the … Continued

Mic Tyson

Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, Mic Tyson is the Heltah Skeltah emcee’s long-gestating third official long-player. While he may never attain crossover appeal (nor does he seek it), it’d be nice if more of the world was aware of the greatness of P. No matter, though, as Tyson delivers on every level. Gritty, dirty production … Continued

Be Still

Trumpeter Dave Douglas is prolific and versatile. Past albums range from sparse trio work to 1970s Miles Davis-style electric jazz. This new release features top young jazz players, mostly eschewing solo virtuosity for clear and concise playing. They emphasize the structure of the songs, many of which are traditional hymns that Douglas’ late mother requested … Continued

Half Way Home

Vulnerable” doesn’t even begin to describe the voice of Angel Olsen. Thought I was cool, turns out I’m a fool/Clearly you’ve proved me wrong, she croons with a tone both elegant and frail on “The Waiting.” The title is a poignant one for a woman who was given up for adoption as a girl too … Continued