Issue December 13, 2011

2011 Loserville Awards

It might not always seem like it, but we’re really quite fond of where we live. We love Louisville — the food, the music, the culture — and the beautiful bluegrass in which our fair city is situated. And that’s exactly why we take the time to point out the most egregious foibles, failures and … Continued

Bridges and symbolism

“The symbolism behind this project, I think, is huge,” Bridges Authority secretary Sandra Frazier told the Metro Council’s Transportation, Bridges and Public Works Committee on Oct. 6. “In this community, we like to talk about the things that we can do. But in reality, we’re sitting here talking about the things that we can’t do.” … Continued

Crime Time

Ours is a culture whose preoccupation with criminality and justice has come to be, in clinical terms, fetishistic. From playing cops and robbers and jailbreak as kids to spending quiet evenings watching the most depraved criminal acts committed and punished on “CSI” or “Law and Order,” we seek a position overlooking the scene of the … Continued

And then there were four

In a dark, crowded room adjacent to an empty dance floor, a cover band growls out “Son of a Preacher Man.” Clusters of women in blue jeans sway and sing along. Soulful riffs blend with tipsy laughter. The bar strives for a jazz club vibe with candlelit tables draped in black, but the feel is … Continued

A tasty tax deal

On Dec. 7, Yum! Brands’ stock hit a new 52-week high, as the multibillion-dollar multinational behemoth was trading at $57.80. The same day, Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy released a study showing that 20 of the most profitable companies in the country paid no net corporate income taxes … Continued

Former Thieves’ First World Blues

LEO spoke with Former Thieves vocalist Matt Schmitz a couple weeks ago as the band was enjoying nice weather while touring the West Coast. The Cedar Falls, Iowa-based band has spent most of the year touring behind their No Sleep Records release, The Language That We Speak. This show will pair them with two Louisville … Continued

Josephine Foster’s little life

Outsider folk-artist Josephine Foster has traveled from her native Colorado to Chicago and on to Spain, exploring different facets of her music — as a solo artist, or with Born Heller and other combos, creating music that runs from the contemplative to the raucous. Arthur magazine’s Jay Babcock called her “A Grace Slick for the … Continued


Foxy like a craze   The Foxery invade Headliners on Tuesday, Dec. 20, to celebrate the release of their new album, Life Is Still Beautiful. LEO asked Travis Beck about their year. LEO: What changes and opportunities have you gone through this year? Travis Beck: This year has been quite full of changes and opportunities, … Continued

Inbox — Dec. 14, 2011

Lesser Beings The top stories not brought to us by the mainstream media in the Nov. 30 LEO were read with glee. They brought to mind a local story that is not balanced. Because of the proposed hospital mergers, the Catholic Church has taken a deserved bad-mouthing because of its discrimination against women. Highly placed … Continued

Root Hog or Die

See that my grave is kept clean Big news came out in September. Although chances are slim you heard it, it echoed from Grafton, Wis., to the UK, Holland, Australia and Japan, resonating among a highly specialized, slightly hysterical cadre of blues enthusiasts. Blind Blake’s death certificate had been found. Some superlatives are likely called … Continued


<THEATER> Dec. 14-17 ‘The King of Christmas’ The Bard’s Town 1801 Bardstown Road • 749-5275 $15; 7:30 p.m. Has your Christmas season been lacking the presence of an Elvis impersonator? Have you missed the family dysfunction that makes the average American holiday so memorable? Then get out this weekend to catch “The King of … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: BLACKTHORN 2011; $26.95; R Sam Shepard stars as Butch Cassidy, aka James Blackthorn, in this revisionist, straight-to-video Western set in Bolivia. Having somehow survived the Army bloodbath at the end of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” Blackthorn now wants nothing more than one last sight of his home in America, … Continued

Lynn’s Paradise Café is 20 and going strong

Lynn’s Paradise Café is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, meaning it has been around for a full generation, and people have been lining up and patiently waiting their turn for brunch through all those years. Think of it — kids who came in with their parents as infants in arms will be able to … Continued

Bar Belle: Binge Local!

Something’s fishy in the water around here, but I wouldn’t know — I only drink beer and bourbon. Unfortunately, there’s something fishy in that, too. Our bars are disappearing at an alarming rate. Within the last few weeks, we’ve lost a handful. Gone are Zeppelin Café, Starbase Q, The Recovery Room, Derby City Espresso and … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act or comedian listed, send e-mail to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is NOON THURSDAY the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed dec 14 BBC, … Continued

Ball Droppings

Oh my liver. The UK/U of L game is at noon on Saturday … might as well pick a spot and prepare to drink the day away at my favorite dive bar. But for all you planners and people who like to play dress-up out there, here’s a highlight of some sweet New Year’s Eve … Continued

Book: ‘Life Lessons’ excels in concise, creative nonfiction

‘This I Believe: Life Lessons’ Edited by Dan Gediman with John Gregory and Mary Jo Gediman. John Wiley & Sons; 208 pgs., $19.95. Public radio’s essay series rolls on. From its home office on Frankfort Avenue, “This I Believe” has become the keeper of tens of thousands of short essays that spell out personal credos. … Continued

Art: Local artwork makes merry

With the New Year approaching, we naturally take a moment to acknowledge the people who have made the last year successful. In this spirit, Tim Faulkner Gallery has a “Holiday Artist Showcase” on view. The show features more than two dozen artists, the stable of the Tim Faulkner Gallery, many of whom have been represented … Continued

Castor, The Twin

It’s difficult to write about Dessa without falling into hyperbole. The singer/emcee and sole female in the Doomtree collective (which made this year’s excellent Wugazi mash-up), her first full length, A Badly Broken Code, resonates with the power and vibrancy of Lauryn’s Miseducation to these ears. See? Hyperbole. Castor, The Twin is the result of … Continued

Follow Your Heart

Cubic Zirconia is a, well, I guess they’re dance music, for lack of hyphenates, led by the criminally unknown singer Tiombe Lockhart. Seven people may know that name via her early decade association with the similarly genre-blurring Platinum Pied Pipers. We never got the promised PPP-produced solo album from Lockhart, but she re-emerges here via … Continued


I wasn’t really lucid in the ’70s (but then, who was?), but I am a student of music history. Such a time was fertile for what we now call classic rock and Southern rock; it was the best of times and the worst of times for each. Louisville’s Supertruck has clearly done some of the … Continued

Dark Waters

Music can have such an odd effect on memory. Though Julee Cruise is hardly a household name today, chances are many would instantly recognize her voice from the “Twin Peaks” soundtrack. The only song I remember from my wedding reception was hers. It’s a sound not heard often enough, and it’s the first thing one … Continued