Issue December 11, 2012

Welcome to Loserville: 2012

Just last week, the world’s largest travel guide publisher named Louisville the No. 1 vacation destination in the United States, touting our bourbon scene, fine dining, and NuLu arts district as reasons to visit. Following the announcement, proud Louisvillians were abuzz on Facebook and Twitter, basking in the afterglow. We must admit, even the oft-incredulous … Continued

‘I Love You Just The Way You Are’

Not just No. 1 in Kentucky, not just No. 1 in the Midwest or the South; Louisville, Ky. — our home — was elected the No. 1 travel destination in the United States of America. No. 1 in the entire damn country. Took long enough. Lists like the one Lonely Planet published last week are, … Continued

Western movement

It’s a gray, October morning, about 7:45. At 22nd and Main streets, the faint smell of coffee wafts from a few classrooms and offices at Western Middle School. Two-way radios gently squawk about a leak in the auditorium. Principal Bill Anderson, a tall, athletic middle-aged man with a young, thin face and white hair, bounds … Continued

Father Figures’ zombie jazz

There aren’t a lot of jazz musicians who are also good at marketing their music, but Father Figures’ leader Adam Schatz has found a hook. The band explains that “Zombie Jazz” is a name “… we made up to describe the music we made up: instinct driven. Wild when it wants to be, other times … Continued

Sid Griffin finds himself

“I have made about 16 albums, so I kinda have the hang of that,” says Sid Griffin, mandolinist and singer with the London-based band The Coal Porters. It sounds like a boast, but it’s a well-earned statement of fact. While Griffin’s success in the marketplace hasn’t always equaled the level of respect he’s earned from … Continued


Wednesday, Dec. 12 Young Heirlooms Uncle Slayton’s 1017 E. Broadway $7; 8 p.m. If you haven’t gotten folked lately, Uncle Slayton’s offers this four-act evening titled, well, “Get Folked.” Featuring two acts from Cincinnati and two from down the street, it’s a mostly polite evening of adult entertainment. Queen City folk-rockers Young Heirloom and … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act listed, send email to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is FRIDAY at NOON the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed DEC 12 Air Devils … Continued


We are young Jordan Trabue’s folk-rock quartet, Beady, was approached by sonaBLAST Records boss Gill Holland about a year and a half ago. The band has been playing together for three years, and half of the band (Jesse Weber-Owens, 17, who plays cello, banjo and percussion, and violinist Sarah Trabue, 16) is still in high … Continued

Inbox — Dec. 12, 2012

Welp, I’m a Fan Dear Jim Welp, Prairie voles! Funnier and funnier every time. With profound gratitude, Joanie Olin, Highlands No Local Vino? I am an avid reader of LEO and love what you all do. As a Louisville native, I love supporting local business, and I was truly appalled to go to Bardstown Road … Continued

Advice: Savage Love

Q: I had a conversation with a friend who is an emergency-room physician. He told me about removing something from a gentleman’s ass. My immediate response was to ask whether he had the flared-base talk with the gentleman after the fact. His response? “What are you talking about?” I explained that if the gentleman had … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION 2012; $31.98; R The deadly Umbrella Corporation blah blah blah. If you don’t know what to expect from an RE movie, then you probably wouldn’t be interested — but all the rest of us know that you spell “entertainment” with a capital “RE”! Milla Jovovich (natch) once again … Continued

Taste Bud: A market like an old-time corner store

When I was a kid, there was a neighborhood grocery store two blocks away called Richardson’s Grocery — it was family owned, stocked its wares floor to ceiling on wall shelves, and smelled like 1948. And when I say it was a neighborhood grocery store, I mean it literally was in my neighborhood. It sat … Continued

East End Ghyslain resets critic’s attitude

Let me be frank: I’ve had a hard time understanding why so many of my foodie friends have been going ooh-la-la over the NuLu incarnation of Ghyslain. They’ve declared it “sophisticated,” celebrated its French accent, and hurried in to buy restaurateur-chocolateur Ghyslain Maurais’ fancy candies by the sack. I could never quite share the excitement, … Continued

Theater: ‘Lombardi’ brings a football legend to Actors Theatre

Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach who won five NFL championships in seven seasons with the Green Bay Packers in the 1960s, believed in the concept that winning isn’t everything — it’s the only thing. His signature commitment and determination, which helped resurrect the dying Green Bay franchise — as well as the impact he had … Continued

Book: Mystery is a winged creature

Can you walk in my skin? How simple a simple meaning Can be when what you think You are is trapped in the solitary Confinement of the ribcage? (“Into the Open,” from Misha Feigin’s “Skippers in Training”) Trapping Misha Feigin in the confinement of a ribcage — or any structure, for that matter — is … Continued

Art: With pinkies extended

When imbibing in a fine, Trappist ale, is it snooty to insist on a tulip glass to better cradle the wafts of roasted Belgian malt and show the ale’s rich, mahogany tones? Of course it is. Whether this preferred vessel can truly elevate the flavor and experience of your beer is another question, one that … Continued