Issue December 6, 2011

Learning the ropes

Three battered men slide off a sky-blue mat like melted butter. Marcus Anthony, a Goliath in red spandex, just body-slammed them like a slugger in batting practice — wham, wham, wham — barely shrugging at their attempts to take him down. A passionate crowd heaves with rage once a dainty hammer hits the bell, calling … Continued

Don’t lie to me

I think we may need to do an intervention on my dad. His “problem” used to be kind of funny, but it is starting to look like it has gotten serious, and now it looks like we’re just going to have to get help. We were at lunch the other day, and he said he … Continued

The four-way-stop solution

My daily commute takes me through the four-way stop at the intersection of Cannons Lane and Pee Wee Reese Road. I once dreaded this intersection because it tends to back up during rush hour. But I grew to appreciate the poetry of this spot, which marries the pastoral grandeur of Seneca Park with the frenetic … Continued

Down the mine shaft

On Nov. 30, Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Len Peters unexpectedly fired Carl Campbell, the commissioner of the Kentucky Department of  Natural Resources. The mystery that remains today is why he was fired, as Campbell was not given an explanation, and neither Peters nor Gov. Steve Beshear are talking. Campbell was a state regulator of … Continued

Counting on 15K

About a year and a half ago, in the twilight of former Mayor Jerry Abramson’s reign in Louisville, an ambitious goal was set: 55,000 Degrees. The hybrid business/education initiative is aimed at increasing the number of college degree holders in the city by 55,000 (with at least 40,000 being bachelor’s degrees) by 2020. A flurry … Continued

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Have a very Vixen Christmas

Va Va Vixens present ‘Va Va Revue’ Dec. 9-10 Headliners Music Hall 1386 Lexington Road $20-$30; 8 p.m.   Leave it to the Va Va Vixens to offer up the most inventive holiday show of the year. Their astounding “Va Va Revue” is like Christmas in Killarney, if Killarney was a speakeasy in 1920s Paris. … Continued

Sampling White Rabbits

The founders of the sextet White Rabbits moved from Columbia, Mo., to Brooklyn in 2005, inspired by Ska and its New Wave descendants. Since then, they’ve expanded their sound and found mentors in the popular Austin-based Spoon, whose leader, Britt Daniel, has produced for them. The third White Rabbits album will be released early next … Continued


<CULTURE> Thursday, Dec. 8 Raja Hotel Nightclub Fourth Street Live $5 adv., $7 DOS; midnight & 1 a.m. Fourth Street Live’s Hotel Nightclub has become Louisville’s home away from home for the cast members of one of the best shows on TV, “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The Logo reality challenge returns in January for season four; … Continued

This man — Diego Garcia — is an island

With a lush sound that could easily be mistaken for Nick Drake, Diego Garcia shouldn’t have a hard time tugging at your heartstrings. Diego had time to catch up with LEO before his Saturday appearance at Zanzabar to let us know how his songwriting process has changed since his departure from Elefant, how he ended … Continued

Video Tapeworm Christmas Special

Being LEO’s resident video junkies, we dread this time of year. We keep our office door locked, chained and double-ironed in anticipation of our mercurial editor, the Ghost of Girlfriends Past (i.e., the Bar Belle), who always demands some seasonal cinematic silliness. Alas, do we hear her rap, tap, tapping at our chamber door? “Hey, … Continued

Inbox — Dec. 7, 2011

Bad Boys I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or gag when I read that Steve Shaw’s nicest-cop-ever anecdote was merely one of a cop giving someone a free pass once the cop discovered he knew the person he was stopping (LEO Weekly, Nov. 30). Compared to the negative stories told about cops, even in Shaw’s … Continued


Big Baby Band Old Baby is a new group featuring members of local bands Young Widows, Workers and King’s Daughters & Sons. Their debut EP, Misunderstanding Human Behavior, will be released by Hawthorne Street Records soon. LEO: Tell me about your new supergroup. Jonathan Glen Wood: Drew (Osborne) and Evan (Patterson) wanted to play music … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: FRIGHT NIGHT 2011; $29.95-$49.95; R This remake of the terrific Chris Sarandon/Roddy McDowall/Amanda Bearse horro-comedy may suffer in comparison, but not egregiously so. Colin Farrell is excellent, as always, as the vampire next door; Anton Yelchin is competent as the kid who discovers him; David Tennant admirably fills Roddy’s shoes as … Continued

Brit Beat

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree Christmas songs have a reputation for being ghastly. I love them. As you have discovered over the last few months, my cheese-threshold is very high, which allows me to get into the yuletide spirit without any concerns about what is cool. Indeed, the more fake snow, reindeer sweaters and faux-skiing … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act or comedian listed, send e-mail to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is NOON THURSDAY the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.     Wed dec 7 … Continued

Get your pizza burrito-style at Uncle Maddio’s

If you like the way the crew at Salsarita’s, Qdoba, Quizno’s or Moe’s throws together a burrito to order, using fresh ingredients they assemble on the spot, I think you might like Uncle Maddio’s pizza, too. This new spot, in the new building located at Bardstown and Grinstead where the familiar green John Riley Auto … Continued

The Taste Bud: Holy rollers (or, tacos on four wheels)

The wave of street food in Louisville has been picking up momentum this year, as evidenced by new vendors such as Lil Cheezers, Busta Grill, Mozzapi, San Diego Sandwich Works and Morels. This wave of mobile food is further fueled by Louisville Metro Government’s recent decision to allow food trucks to park at metered spaces … Continued

Book: A lifetime of Black Sabbath

The founding father of heavy metal pretty much lied to me. Despite being a kindly English gentleman overall, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi tried to deny one important question, for understandable business reasons. It happens, and the LEO music department has certainly dealt with worse through the years — and where would heavy metal be … Continued

Art: The holiday hop

’Tis the season for shopping, and if you can’t find a location to support visual artists during the holidays, you’re just not looking. Many local galleries and museums are having special exhibitions and sales, including the grandaddy of them all, “Holidazzle 2011: The Art of Giving,” at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (715 … Continued

Bad as Me

Tom Waits has more fun than you. His existence will always trump yours, even if his day is checking his mailbox and clipping toenails. He’s known this for a long time and, while he doesn’t throw it in your face, it’s a fact that, like a musical Malkovich, being Waits is a great existence. The … Continued

A Very She and Him Christmas

Shim’s adorkable She, Zooey Deschanel, has had quite a fall season. She’s become a mainstream TV star, she’s getting divorced, and then there’s this, a classic Christmas album. By “classic,” I mean “as expected,” or surprisingly lacking in surprises or innovations. She and M. Ward (Him) do their usual thing, including typically skillful guitar textures … Continued

Catch 23

Kentucky’s 23 String Band seem like a lot of guys we know and love around here — regular dudes with exceptional skill. Their bluegrass attack is fueled by high-octane rock ’n’ roll energy, skillfully guided here by producer Kevin Ratterman. A rascally sense of humor also helps distinguish them from some of their peers, dropping … Continued

2 the Top

It’s difficult not to get a contact high while listening to this quickie from these two locals. Spanish and Razor have both been busy and moderately successful as solo acts. Spanish is a blog favorite; his melodic sing-song approach to his vocals easily makes him a contender for expansion into radio. Spanish has dropped several … Continued