Issue November 21, 2011

A turnaround tale

It’s about 2:30 on a drizzly Thursday afternoon in south Louisville. Tonda Dunn corrals kids into three different Iroquois High School classrooms. “OK, Algebra 2 in this room!” she calls out over mumbled pockets of conversation and the rhythmic hiss of a copy machine spitting out worksheets. About 80 kids have arrived for after-school “interventions,” … Continued


Nathan Salsburg spends so much time preserving and magnifying the past that it’s easy to forget the goals he achieves with his own songwriting. Affirmed is a largely instrumental detour into breezy finger picking and equine-themed nostalgia. “Sought & Hidden” and “New Bold Ruler’s Joy” roll like the fields of Calumet. Occasionally, his mood swings … Continued

Happy Birthday

We were sitting at a table. One of us began speaking. “Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to visit with me. Poor as I am, I am woefully unworthy of your time and attention, especially today. This is your special day. Today should be the day upon which you are unburdened by any … Continued

Study: Everything has happened

In a discovery that could have wide-ranging implications, everything has already happened. That’s the surprising verdict of a long-term study conducted by the National Bureau of Information, according to its executive director, Curt Pasado. “We now know for sure that everything that happens has already happened — in most cases millennia ago,” Pasado says. “Every … Continued

Game day logistics

These are the times that try fans’ souls. They present phenomenological and logistical nightmares. But before embracing the double your pleasure, double your fun double Ws celebrated by the Cardinal Nation last Saturday, consideration must be given to the cybertechnical expertise necessary to savor the experience. (Of interest — to quantum physicists — is that … Continued

Fragile finances

On a recent Friday afternoon, the kilns in the Glassworks gallery “hot shop” rage, each one a boxed-up volcano. Artists dip into a pool of 2,100-degree molten glass as visitors stand nearby, ready to blow on long steel pipes in an effort to exhale the perfect bulbous creation. A few filter into the nearby gallery, … Continued

Inbox — Nov. 23, 2011

Race Baiter? After reading “American Slaves Inc.” (LEO Weekly, Nov. 16), I’m left with the impression that the “prophet” Norris Shelton is just another race baiter. Shelton is content with making a name for himself by exploiting the terrible atrocities of slavery, which ended almost 150 years ago. He blames slavery for economic inequalities and … Continued


<MUSIC>   Wednesday, Nov. 23 WFPK Fundraiser Headliners Music Hall 1386 Lexington Road • 584-8088 $10 adv., $12 DOS; 8 p.m. This benefit for Dare to Care’s food-raiser program collects canned goods and frozen turkeys for those in need, so thank Yum! Brands and WFPK for making it happen. As entertainment, Joseph Arthur has … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS 2011; $27.95; G Deep in the myth-haunted underworld of France lies the Chauvet Caves, a time capsule of unimaginable treasures. For therein rests the oldest artwork on the planet: a priceless and irreplaceable collection of breathtaking drawings made by creatures just barely human, and so delicate that … Continued

Film: Worlds collide

‘Melancholia’ Starring Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Charlotte Rampling, Alexander Skarsgard and John Hurt. Directed by Lars von Trier. Rated R; 2:10. LEO Report Card: B+   A bad Lars von Trier film can inspire early retreats to the theater parking lot. The good ones, like his latest, are the type you only wish … Continued

Q&A with Dane Waters

LEO: You sound, to me, like a mermaid — sexy, mysterious, removed from daily life. Are you real? Do you have to pay an LG&E bill and shop for groceries like the rest of us? Dane Waters: I hope I’m very real! I do spend a lot of time trying to focus on the essence … Continued

Film: Louisville native brings badass ‘Barracuda’ to town

Nearly 20 years ago, Shane Woodson worked as an usher at Village 8 Theatres. My, how time flies. On Saturday, Woodson returns to Village 8 to premiere “Barracuda,” which he directed and stars in. The film is a dark comedy that broaches a sensitive topic — child molestation and sexual deviance. The protagonist, played by … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act or comedian listed, send e-mail to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is NOON THURSDAY the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed NOV 23 American … Continued

Del Frisco’s plays for high steaks and wins

Here’s very good news for steak lovers in Louisville: Del Frisco’s, an old-school steakhouse that’s enjoyed local landmark status for 30 years, is running at the top of its form. Steak has always been big in Louisville, with a broad variety of options ranging from high-end chains like Morton’s and Ruth’s Chris to mini-chains like … Continued

You are part of everything …

One man’s music lives on, even after he’s gone On a cold January night, Rob and I sat next to his father’s hospital bed amidst the sea of machinery and monitors keeping Mr. C alive. We had come to keep watch while his mother took relief to go home and try to nap. There was … Continued

Culture: Podcasts you might be missing

I have a new best friend, and his name is George Miller. I suppose I should call him an imaginary best friend, as he will never know of my existence, but I sure am glad I stumbled upon his. George Miller is the human being with whom every bibliomaniac wishes she could go to dinner. … Continued

Comedy: Moderate in moderation

Two of the fastest-rising names in comedy, Louis Katz and Nate Bargatze, come to The Bard’s Town, just in time for Thanksgiving. Both have performed on Comedy Central specials and on late-night shows. Katz, who recently released his debut album, If These Balls Could Talk, on Comedy Central Records, sat down to talk with LEO … Continued

Book: Oh so Common

‘One Day It’ll All Make Sense’ By Common with Adam Bradley. Atria Books; 320 pgs., $25. It hurts to disagree with an idol. Maya Angelou is quoted on this book’s dust jacket with the praise, “A magnificent memoir,” and, painful though it may be to say, she’s dead wrong. Common, the Chicago emcee born Lonnie … Continued

The Taste Bud: Tuna that doesn’t smell like cat food

As a kid, I saw tuna as nothing but a pungent, weird-looking meat that came in small round cans — or a cartoon creature named Charlie that looked and acted curiously like comedic entertainer Phil Silvers. Take your pick. But then one day, years later, I noticed a tuna steak at a grocery store. It … Continued

Tumble Bee

Laura Veirs’ delightful collection of folk songs (which she was inspired to put her own spin on after the birth of her son last year) is a useful tool for parents wishing to instill a love of music in their child without listening to “Humpty Dumpty” on repeat. Her recording covers a wide range of … Continued

Humor Risk

Cass McCombs’ sixth album is a collection of lyric narratives that defies the singer/songwriter genre by creating disparate personas for each song, instead of revealing the confessional voice of the artist. The engineering ranges from sophisticated slick to deliberately rough, with richly layered vocals and rhythmic restraint. Each song produces a mood of delicate darkness, … Continued

Black Kite

The debut album from the Louisville-based Silver Tongues, which includes some talents who have played with Wax Fang, The Fervor and Cabin (including LEO (m)ad man James Hewett), is yet another surprising, atypical release from Falls City. The often subtle, intentionally paced collection draws influences from varied sources rarely heard in other groups simultaneously — … Continued

Literary LEO 2012

We are now accepting submissions for Literary LEO 2012. But take note — there’s been a change: Photography will not be included in the upcoming Literary LEO contest. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the photo categories, we are sponsoring a separate photography contest in the summer of 2012. So keep on snapping pictures, and … Continued