Issue November 15, 2011

American Slaves Inc.

On a sunny Saturday morning in early September, about two dozen worshippers clapped their hands and sang along with the choir at the First Church of American Slaves, a tiny building on the corner of Dr. W.J. Hodge and Jefferson streets. Despite its provocative name, the service at the nondenominational church was not much different … Continued

Republicans at the crossroads

On election night, a festive crowd of Democrats gathered in Frankfort, celebrating the early returns showing Gov. Steve Beshear with a commanding lead over Republican David Williams in the gubernatorial race. Meanwhile in Lexington, the election party for Williams and Republicans was desolate, with 20 members of the media from around the state easily outnumbering … Continued

Remembering Tom Peterson

The Friday before Halloween, I dropped by Bank Street Brewhouse to check out an art event. Turns out there had been an opening across the street at the Carnegie Center, and several people had filtered over to the brewhouse. The place was slamming. As I opened the door, a single face revealed itself. It was Tom … Continued

Facebook: A Forbidding ‘Friend’

“Most of your Facebook ‘friends’ aren’t friends; they’re time-sucking vampires,” ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel said last week while promoting his second annual National Unfriend Day on Thursday, Nov. 17. “Most anyone on Facebook has too many ‘friends’ and this is the time to clean house.” He added: “If you have 10 friends in your life, you’re … Continued

Bardstown: epicenter of bourbon and good eats

If you’re sitting in a friendly diner working on a stack of blueberry pancakes, and you suddenly realize the bar at the back of the room offers selected tastings of small-batch and single-barrel bourbons with tasting sheets to record your impressions, you have almost certainly found your way to Bardstown, Ky. And chances are you’re … Continued

Bar Belle: Occupy Oprah

I am part of the 99 percent who are dissatisfied with economic inequality, corporate greed and corruption — namely by the cable company. You see, I don’t get O.W.N. (Oprah’s very own channel) with my current subscription, and because I fall into this 99-percent category of people with no expendable income, I can’t afford to … Continued

Book: Gorham’s poetry has teeth

‘Bad Daughter’ By Sarah Gorham. Four Way Books; 67 pgs., $14.95. Mothers — everyone’s got one somewhere, and our feelings about that inescapable fact are as personal and nuanced as fingerprints, those unique, inescapable markers of self. Since every mother is a daughter herself, the particular intergenerational ways in which women relate (oh, the banality … Continued

Art: Hye-Young Go brings Minhwa to the Midwest

When Korean painter Hye-Young Go came to the United States, she was disappointed with the state of Korean art in America. “(In American art museums), the Korean exhibition halls are very small, and collections are very limited compared to Japanese or Chinese art,” she says. “Korean art is still not well-known internationally.” Armed with considerable … Continued

Justice is served by King’s Daughters & Sons

When WFPK DJ Matt Anthony called King’s Daughters & Sons a Louisville music version of the comic book “Justice League,” he got it right. To call the band a “supergroup” would also be fair, though their combined fame as members of Rachel’s, Shipping News and other bands is notably less than that of the Traveling … Continued


<THEATER> Nov. 16-20 ‘A Very Special Holiday Special’ The Bard’s Town 1801 Bardstown Road • 609-2520 $8-$20; 7:30 p.m. Sick of Christmas celebrations starting before you’ve polished off your last handful of dusty, orange-and-black-wrapped peanut butter chews? As Santa Claus once said, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Le Petomane takes the joke … Continued

Bassekou Kouyate’s African blues

Veteran string picker Bassekou Kouyate has made some valuable friends — Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Ali Farka Touré — who have helped him expand his audience beyond Africa. His band’s most recent album, I Speak Fula, was released in 2009 by Sub Pop imprint Next Ambiance. LEO: How did you learn to play … Continued


Super fun For a good time, call Supertruck — or, better yet, go see them live when they celebrate the release of their new self-titled album. LEO asked bandleader Daniel Sturdevant about their long road to stardom. LEO: How did the album come together? Daniel Sturdevant: My brother Nate joined — we’d cycled through a … Continued

Inbox — Nov. 16, 2011

High Probe John Hightower was indeed in a high tower when he deposed the First Amendment (LEO Weekly, Nov. 9). Here are 10 quick queries to probe his philosophy: 1) Are nonprofits as evil as for-profits, and should they be banned from speaking as well? 2) Who gets to decide which groups are banned from … Continued

Root Hog or Die

Urban Folk Re-Revival The middle of the past century experienced a peculiar phenomenon that came to be known as the Urban Folk Revival. It played a fundamental role in shaping American popular culture, from Eisenhower through the Vietnam War. Its influence was on the wane until a resurgence in the mid-1990s, which was arguably inspired … Continued

Theater: ‘Broadsword’ is much more than heavy metal

Theater may be the last hope for literacy in America. Not the splashy “Disney on Stage” sort of theater that moves from town to town in fleets of semis, but the little productions put on by smart, regional companies like Theatre 502, which ends its first season this weekend with a superb production of Marco … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act or comedian listed, send e-mail to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is NOON THURSDAY the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed NOV 16 BBC, … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: CONAN THE BARBARIAN 2011; $37.95; R You can’t do a remake of “Conan” without expecting comparisons to the original; and, simply put, Jason Momoa (“Game of Thrones”) is no Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ah-nold knew he couldn’t act, so he cranked up the irony of the whole affair, making his character far funnier … Continued

Seasons on Earth

Although many will instantly recognize Meg Baird as the voice of the band Espers, Seasons on Earth marks her second solo release. Apart from the two cover songs wedged in the center of the album, the majority of Seasons on Earth contains Baird’s original work. This is the inverse of her 2007 release Dear Companion, … Continued

Cats & Dogs

Emcee Evidence, one-third of the permanently on-the-cusp Dilated Peoples (who flirted briefly with radio via 2004’s collaboration with Kanye), has linked up with indie powerhouse Rhymesayers to release his second “official” solo (not counting instrumental LPs, an EP and a street mix). Self-produced with contributions from DJ Premier, Alchemist and others, Cats & Dogs is … Continued

Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails, the debut album by trio huH Robots, hearkens back to a time when music was made on front porches, not on GarageBand. This blues-tinged folk outfit, featuring Rosella Pearl and Kelly Newton on vocals and Adam Copelin on bass, tackles hot-button issues like mountaintop removal on “Appalachian Gold” and then blows off … Continued

Outside the Lines

Two decades ago, as Riot Grrl threatened to influence a generation, those creatures once known as major labels sent in their own army of harmless suburbanites to distract the teeming masses — Letters to Cleo, No Doubt, etc. — to create a new New Wave for a new generation more concerned with whom Julianna Hatfield … Continued