Issue November 12, 2014

Houndmouth’s hustle

Last Thursday, in the heart of NuLu, Katie Toupin — keyboardist and one of the three singers of the local Americana band Houndmouth — was running on five hours of sleep, scrambling to make the final adjustments to her new clothing store, Bermuda Highway, for the grand opening, which was two days away.  “There’s no … Continued

The Taste Bud: Soul food by the Downs

You gotta like soul food. It always takes me back in time, reminds me of my grandparents and the home cooking my grandmother did. Sure, it was usually fried, fatty and unhealthy for the body, but it truly was warming for the soul. Enter Cook N’ Company Restaurant. It opened back in the summer at … Continued

Locavore critic confesses and repents

OK, let’s just lay this out there as a true confession: I’ve reviewed a few national corporate franchise chain eateries lately, and I’m not sorry. Well, not very sorry.  Let’s be real: Noodles & Company (LEO Weekly, Oct. 22) operates 330 properties in about three dozen states. They just got to Louisville, and they’re drawing … Continued

Video Tapeworm

This Week’s Twin Peeks   22 JUMP STREET 2014; $22.98; R  While the original, “21 Jump Street” didn’t plow any new comic ground, it had the great fortune of starring 30-somethings Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as “teens” undercover at a high school. Here the two return to infiltrate the college drug scene, and we … Continued

OPERA: Creating a sunset for ‘The Girl of the Golden West’

 The allure of the American West reached all around the world, and Italian composer Giacomo Puccini was as fascinated as anyone with tales of cowboys and Indians and gunslingers and stalwart lawmen. In fact, when Puccini traveled to New York in 1907 for the Metropolitan Opera premiere of his opera “Madame Butterfly,” he also attended … Continued

THEATER: Slant Culture Theatre Festival angles for the unexpected

While the Louisville theater scene boasts over a dozen local companies, Slant Culture Theatre Festival is the first and only of its kind to tap into the talent and experiment with its collaborative power. Spanning over the next 11 days, Slant brings together 17 different companies and solo artists, establishing a once nonexistent avenue for … Continued

COMEDY: Wanda Sykes is a ‘nice-nasty’

Wanda Sykes is one of Hollywood’s premier funny ladies today. She has a sharp wit and a sharper tongue, holding nothing back when she takes the stage. Sykes, who hails from the Washington, D.C., area, has been on the road for more than 25 years now, and has become one of the most best live … Continued

Plugged In (Nov. 12 – Nov. 18)

WED Nov 12th Brasserie Provence: Brian Curella Duo; 5 p.m.  Clifton Center: WFPK Winter Wednesday with Charlie Mars and Alex Wright; 7:30 p.m., free  Decca: Subterranean Phrases; 7:30 p.m.  Diamond Pub (St. Matthews): Chad and Karsten; 10 p.m.  Gary’s on Spring: Walker & Kays; 6 p.m.  Gerstle’s: Kimmet & Doug; 9 p.m.  Jim Porter’s: Mixed … Continued


If there is anything that Run The Jewels seems to specifically stand by, it’s a dedication to making unapologetically hard-as-fuck rap music. I’m drawing a distinction here between hip-hop and rap — each has its own social valence, like the graphic novel to the comic: one elevated over the other. But Run The Jewels doesn’t … Continued

Orders of Operations

The follow-up to “Imponderable Bloom,” Karass has returned with “Order of Operations,” an EP that sees the quartet collaborating with a host of vocalists. The result is transcendent, a refined work of delicacy that is more than the sum of its parts. To be clear, while this seems like a more subtle affair that plays … Continued


There is dream pop and there is whatever Liz Harris, aka Grouper, has evolved the genre into. Hers is the dreamiest of dream pop, a sparse aesthetic that comes in and out of the haze, making groups like Low or Mazzy Star seem far too fast or stirring in contrast. With her newest album, “Ruins,” … Continued

Singers Grave a Sea of Tongues

It’s hard to get a read on Will Oldham, aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy. But, truthfully, when he does things like make a ridiculous — yet pretty damn hilarious — music video of the song “Quail and Dumplings” — a track structured like 1960s melancholy folk — off his newest album, “Singer’s Grave a Sea of … Continued

Completely Obsessed

Dear U2, Stop it. You’re better than this.   I’ve tried to love the new album, but “Songs of Innocence” is just … meh. Don’t get me wrong — there are some really good spots on it, but nothing great. And there is really no excuse for that. I understand that we hold you to … Continued

An unspoken bond: Dick Sisto and Jeremy Allen

Dick Sisto is well-known locally for his many years of bringing jazz to the Seelbach. Additionally, he performs regionally, teaches at both the University of Louisville and the Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops, and has a discography that includes dates with John Abercrombie, Fred Hersch and Kenny Werner, among others. More recently, he has been … Continued

b-sides: Little Heart Records

It’s hard to not feel at least a little excited when you talk to Little Heart Records’ founder, Bryan Puckett. Celebrating its ninth anniversary this weekend, the label is hosting an enormous party at the New Albany Production House (1736 E. Main St., New Albany) this Friday and Saturday, featuring many from Little Heart’s diverse … Continued


<music> Thursday, Nov. 13 Cosby Sweater ?with D’Arkestra Zanzabar 2100 S. Preston St., 635-9227 $10; 9 p.m. The name Cosby Sweater recalls memories of the vomit-colored knits and confused geometric patterns on apparel famously worn by a guy with over a dozen rape allegations against him today. But that’s not his only claim to fame; … Continued

LEON: Authorities search for Photabomber

Authorities are on the hunt for a man they are referring to as the “Photabomber.” They describe him as a medium-build Caucasian somewhere between the ages of 18 and 50, and believe he is somewhere at large in the Louisville area.  What investigators once considered to be a series of random photo bombings in recent … Continued

LEON: Consumer trends post-Ebola breakout

A newly released study shows that Americans have picked up two new habits since the Ebola breakout — gambling and Klonopin — while travel spending has seen a significant decline.  Americans continue to show strong interest in both booze and porn, but the threat of Ebola has led to greater risk-taking and, simultaneously, the use … Continued

LEON: Teacher resigns over gay scare

 Last week, a teacher at a local Catholic school resigned after being threatened by administration officials to take a 21-day leave of absence. Sam Jones, a former third grade teacher at St. Margaret Mary, decided it was better to resign than to continue working for some complete morons.  After spending fall break the previous week … Continued

Joee Conroy wins the Internet

Tristan Conroy is a senior at Centre College. The 21-year old was on campus on Election Day, November 4, when someone showed him a picture from a polling place in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. The photo depicted U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell voting while another man stood behind him at another booth, giving the elected … Continued

Not monolith

Women are not monolithic. We do not all like the same things. We do not all fear the same things. It is dangerous to assume that we are all a single entity. Recently, a street harassment organization called Hollaback! put out a video of a woman walking through the streets of New York City being … Continued

A pyrrhic victory

On election night, Mitch betrayed no lingering malice against Alison. Recycling phrases following Bruce Lunsford’s “spirited campaign” against him six years ago, he said, “She earned a lot of votes. And she earned my respect.” Then the master of political arson issued the ultimate understatement: “Because of the business we’re in, it also meant that … Continued

Uncommon Sense

 According to Ron Burgundy, anchorman, “You’re just a woman with a small brain. A brain a third the size of us. It’s science.” Champ, Mr. Burgundy’s sports reporter, supports his point, saying, “It is ‘anchorman,’ not ‘anchorlady,’ and that is a scientific fact!” While I appreciate “Anchorman” as much as the next guy, for the … Continued

Inbox – November 12, 2014

LEO Weekly welcomes letters that are brief (350 words max) and thoughtful.  Ad hominem attacks will be ignored, and we need your name and a daytime phone number. Send snail mail to Inbox, 301 E. Main St., Suite 201, Louisville, KY 40202. Fax to 895-9779 or email to We may edit for length, grammar … Continued