Issue January 17, 2012

Gatewood: 1947-2012

Gatewood Galbraith, one of the most memorable and iconic figures in the history of Kentucky politics, died in his sleep on Jan. 4 at the age of 64.   Galbraith — standing at 6-foot-4, with his booming baritone voice, classic one-liners and signature fedora — was a larger-than-life character. Like a pop star, he was … Continued

To go home

A while back, I heard a song that I wanted to tell you about. The words reminded me of something that you told me, something that had happened to you a long time ago, and the melody was achingly sweet. It was almost like I went back in time and met a younger version of … Continued

The voting booth: democracy’s parking meter

On a recent jaunt about town, my son and I had occasion to use one of our city’s quaint, retro parking meters. The meter required the use of coins, which are also quaint and retro, sort of like books or attention spans. The need for actual non-plastic, non-paper currency led us to a comical, acrobatic … Continued

The only just and effective response to hazing

Hazing has been in the national spotlight again lately since Florida A&M University (FAMU) drum major Robert Champion was beaten to death on a band bus after a football game in late November. The reasons behind what has been ruled a homicide are unclear. Some say Champion was beaten because he was seeking membership in … Continued

Cleared out

It’s Ruth Armstrong’s 84th birthday. Dressed in a gray sweat suit, her anxious Chihuahua, Weasel, balancing on her lap, she’s surrounded by cardboard boxes. In her bedroom, they’re stacked floor to ceiling — untended reminders of an inevitable move. Armstrong can’t find her space heater or Weasel’s bed. She likes that her new place is … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act or comedian listed, send e-mail to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is NOON THURSDAY the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites. Wed jan 18 BBC, 4th … Continued

Inbox — Jan. 18, 2012

Book Judge I would like to respond to the Inbox submission from Paula Ferree in the Jan. 11 LEO. I think her condemnation of the book “Citrus County” is unwarranted and also a little ridiculous. Should we all avoid reading or discussing books that one person might deem “horrific”? Is horror unworthy of attention or … Continued


Sound your eyes can follow Happy New Year! Despite a somewhat somber mood in the music business, 2011 was full of vibrant original music and emerging talent. I’d love to write about the year’s best albums, but there’s not enough space in today’s column. How about we explore the music written for movies last year? … Continued


Airing guitar Music couldn’t exist without scientific breakthroughs (electricity, LSD), but the relationship often goes unexplored. The Louisville Science Center takes a fun step toward closing that gap with their next exhibit, “Guitar: The Instrument That Rocked the World.” The show aims to explore its history and evolution, from lutes and lyres to Dimebag Darrell … Continued


<FILM>   Wednesday, Jan. 18 ‘Wild and Woolly Clipathon’ Clifton Center 2117 Payne St. • 896-8480 $5; 7 p.m. Wild and Woolly Video’s Todd Brashear sure has a fun hobby — he collects obscure and weird underground video clips and then pieces them together to create a single presentation that is guaranteed to entertain. … Continued

Sean Cannon’s adventures After Dark

Through the years, Louisville’s AAA public radio station, WFPK, has attracted a large audience with their blend of thoughtful, semi-commercial singer-songwriters, alt-rockers, jazzbos and folkies. One target demo they had struggled with was the 16-34-year-olds group, but some recent, younger additions — music director and morning host Kyle Meredith, late night mixers OK Deejays and … Continued

Theater: Repeating history in Walden’s ‘Julius Caesar’

When “beware the ides of March” pops up all over Twitter, you know somebody’s in trouble. But it’s cool — Brutus and all of Julius Caesar’s other buddies will have his back … oh. The latest piece in Walden’s Cornerstone Classics Series, William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” illustrates the tragic fate of the Roman statesman and … Continued

John Cowan adapts to the modern world

“To be honest, if the Doobie Brothers hadn’t come along, I don’t know if I could’ve held on to my house.” So says John Cowan, a pioneer of the genre known as “Newgrass.” “The economic crush was just terrible,” the friendly and surprisingly frank Cowan tells LEO. The Evansville native, the only member of New … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: GODZILLA 1954; $19.98-$39.98; UR What more could we possibly say that hasn’t been said before? How about “now available in a definitive Criterion Blu-ray Collection!”? Contains Ishiro Honda’s original 1954 Japanese-language guy-in-a-suit masterpiece, and the better known but far, far inferior 1956 American version, “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” that added … Continued

Ramsi’s broad bill of fare doesn’t always satisfy

Remember those old commercials for Certs? “It’s a breath mint!” “It’s a candy mint!” “It’s two, two, two mints in one!” And then there was the goofy spoof from the gang at “Saturday Night Live”: “It’s a floor wax!” “It’s a dessert topping!” I think the lesson most of us ultimately drew from this is … Continued

Comedy: A gay girl gig

Poppy Champlin has been trucking along the stand-up circuit for more than 30 years and has worked with everyone from Rosie O’Donnell and Bill Maher to Bill Hicks and Denis Leary. She’s appeared on numerous TV shows and specials, most recently Showtime’s “Pride: The Gay and Lesbian Comedy Slam.” Creator of the “Queer Queens of … Continued

Book: If they only knew

‘Kentucky Colonels of the American Basketball Association: The Real Story of a Team Left Behind’ By Gary West and Lloyd Gardner. Acclaim Press; 352 pgs., $29.95. It’s been 35 years since Louie Dampier scored the last of his record 13,726 points for the Kentucky Colonels. A long time since Artis Gilmore skied above the Freedom … Continued

Art: AstroTurf monkeys and evolutionary allegories

If you are the kind of person who hates reading subtitles, Matt Weir’s sculpture show “Anthropocene’ya…ass” at Actors Theatre of Louisville is not for you. But if you are the kind of person who revels in crossword puzzles and watches National Geographic specials with relish, then this show is going to make you sweat — … Continued

The Taste Bud: A somewhat belated Christmas miracle

Last week, I texted my girlfriend and said, “I just ate a pile of duck.” And it was true. I had always been a tad fascinated by the final scene in “A Christmas Story” in which the family resorts to going to a Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner to have roast duck in lieu of … Continued

Charity Starts At Home

Remember Idlewild, the much-maligned follow-up to Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below? Up to that point, Outkast had only released 5- and 4.5-star albums, so expectations said anything below that was a failure. Listening again, Idlewild is a solid and largely satisfying record, a perfectly acceptable 4.0, but, as it’s their lowest rated, we look down our … Continued

Open Source

Sometimes the albums you listen to with no expectations are the most satisfying — though, in this case, it doesn’t hurt when you flip it over and see that Nels and Alex Cline are in the band. The Wilco guitarist and his drummer brother have played with violinist Jeff Gauthier off and on for nearly … Continued

Morning & Sunrise

From a part of the world where the sunlight is scarce in the wintertime, Swedish singer-songwriter Jakob Olausson delivers an album that, despite its deceptively luminous title, sounds almost as stark as a Scandinavian winter. All of Olausson’s songs on Morning & Sunrise are lyrically direct, sung as if in a relatively one-sided conversation, though … Continued

Fear and Loathing in Clarksvegas

The producer of Scanners has put in his bid for the “Producer Album” and succeeds in achieving something more The Chronic than Aftermath Presents. Dr. Gonzo worked his contacts list to feature just about every rapper he could name in the city. That he’s been as involved as he has in the inclusive nature of … Continued