Issue January 10, 2012

Dirty little secrets

When Shaya Wimple was 7 years old, a lock was installed on her bedroom door. But it wasn’t a sign of privacy or independence. It was a padlock on the outside of the room, which her mother’s live-in boyfriend used to make her a prisoner. On weekends, Wimple and her brothers would be confined to … Continued

I said, ‘Hey, what is going on?’

I may never fully recover from the psychic trauma visited on me by the insufferably zany be-dreadlocked band 4-Non-Blondes and their all-too-memorable charting single “What’s Up?” While it was released nearly 20 years ago and was nothing but a flash in the pan, the horror of “What’s Up?” still stings a little, and I believe … Continued

Thinking of Abramoff

If Mitch McConnell is the mother of all madams in the whorehouse that is Congress, Jack Abramoff was the godfather among lobbyists. His selection as the keynote speaker for state lawmakers’ mandatory orgy on ethics last week was a big frickin’ deal. After all, he committed some of the biggest frickins in Washington. Frickins big … Continued

Remembering Rachael Kamuf

This column is being written in the most meticulous manner. Every punctuation mark will be appropriate and essential. The syntax will be accessible and understated. Each fact will be checked and rechecked for accuracy. Rachael Kamuf would have wanted it that way. No, Rachael would have demanded it if she were here, which, tragically, she … Continued

Rachael Kamuf: A great journalist, mentor and friend

When I started my first internship, the editor of the weekly Louisville Eccentric Observer took me to meet someone who seemed like the scariest editor in journalism. Staring at me behind big intimidating glasses was Rachael Kamuf, LEO’s managing editor. She wore shoulder-length brown hair and a blazer and spoke with her thick Owensboro accent, … Continued

Not-so-easy money

Payday lenders across the commonwealth advertise themselves as a quick path to “easy money,” but efforts to put tighter regulations on the powerful industry in Frankfort has proved to be neither a quick nor easy task. Last year, Democratic Louisville state Rep. Darryl Owens’ bill to put a 36 percent cap on the annualized interest … Continued

Challenger’s mission

A group of sixth-graders from the Brown School squeal as they enter into a dark capsule. Around the shell of this tight space packed with excitable little bodies, a door swings open to reveal a brightly lit, almost clinical-feeling room that for the next few hours will simulate a space shuttle. Greenwich Mean Time, the … Continued

Inbox — Jan. 11, 2012

Not a Fan I just have to take a minute out of my busy day to thoroughly condemn LEO for printing a book review by Ashley Johnson, “Citrus County” (in the feature “Season’s Readings,” Jan. 4), about such a disgusting, heinous crime as kidnapping a 4-year-old child and holding her in a bunker, as IF … Continued


 <BOOK> Friday, Jan. 13 ‘Queen of Kentucky’ Carmichael’s Bookstore 2720 Frankfort Ave. • 896-6950 Free; 7 p.m. Adapting to high school: one of life’s great opportunities, or traumas. Or both. In Alecia Whitaker’s YA coming-of-age novel “The Queen of Kentucky,” a farmgirl gets a quick chance to get in with the cool kids. It’s a … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: BELLE DE JOUR 1967; $19.98-$39.98; R We have long held that the human race hit its peak in the late ’60s. With man landing on the moon, the end to an unjust war, and the Summer of Love, could there ever again be such a decade? Add to that list of … Continued

This Burning Bush doesn’t have much to say

In the ancient Bible story of the exodus, when Moses encountered a burning bush in the desert on Mount Sinai, it was a transforming event. The voice of his creator directed him to face down Pharaoh and lead his people to freedom. Now, that’s serious stuff. In the 1986 comedy classic “The Three Amigos,” when … Continued

Bar Belle: The skinny on alcohol

So Cosmo says you’re fat. Well, I ain’t down with that. But, unfortunately, most of you are minding your Ps and Qs these next few months when it comes to getting in shape. Gone are my faithful drinking buddies who are now sweatin’ away the tolerance we worked so hard on all year at the … Continued

Classical Music: A ‘bridge between the old and new’

Growing up in Tel Aviv, violinist Pinchas Zukerman caught the eye of Isaac Stern and fiddled around with cellists Gregor Piatigorsky and Pablo Casals. Zukerman maintained a lifetime friendship with Casals, who played in the White House for President Kennedy. It was that kind of circle for Zukerman, and as his own fame grew, the … Continued

Theater: Get ready to rumble at Actors

‘The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity’ Written by Kristoffer Diaz and directed by K.J. Sanchez. Continues through Feb. 4 at Actors Theatre of Louisville, 316 W. Main St. For more information, call 584-1205. File the following under “Things I never expected to see at Actors Theatre of Louisville.” Sequined mini-dressed hip-hop dancers executing perfect, synchronized … Continued

Art: Re-examining the Examiner

‘The Essential New Art Examiner’ Edited by Terri Griffith, Kathryn Born and Janet Koplos. Northern Illinois University Press; 350 pgs., $22.50. Where is significant art made? Where is it shown? The popular answer is New York or Los Angeles. But many artists, critics and publications debunk this myth, and when they do, whole regions rally … Continued

Root Hog or Die

This American Jewish Life My dad’s folks, Lewis and Dorothy, hated my name. “Nathan,” they said, was what you called an old, hooked-nose shtetl Jew. They asked for “Scott,” a wholesome, antiseptic American name that didn’t smell of gefilte fish and spoke with no accent; in short, that bore no trace of Jewishness. They had, … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act or comedian listed, send e-mail to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is NOON THURSDAY the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites.   Wed jan 11 BBC, … Continued


Syrupy treat Bosco released two EPs in 2011, setting the stage for what can only be world domination this year. Or, maybe just some more great music. LEO asked Sam Craig to help the world understand what we’re in for. LEO: What is “hardcore flat grass”? Sam Craig: In so many words, country punk. Also … Continued

Langhorne Slim on music, dating and Grandma

It says something about the current state of rock ’n’ roll that one of its most passionate and urgent performers needs to call LEO back after he finishes running errands with his grandmother in Delray Beach, Fla. It says something, too, about the character of Langhorne Slim — known to his family as Sean Scolnick … Continued

Bettye LaVette starts a big year

As Bettye LaVette approaches the 50th anniversary of her music career, she’s taking a break from album and book releases and returning to Louisville. LaVette’s career began producing R&B hits as a teenager in Detroit in 1962. She crossed over into other styles through the years, working in disco, rock and even on Broadway. She’s … Continued