Issue September 27, 2011

Rise and Fall

Teresa Fowler sits at her kitchen table, the window air-conditioner unit gently spitting mist behind her. She’s lived at Sheppard Square for 33 years, raising three kids and a nephew, pretty much on her own. Like the majority of residents over the last three decades, she’s a single, African-American mom. “Husband? Huh,” she chuckles. “What … Continued

September song

My friend loves the movie “Muriel’s Wedding,” and she keeps asking me to watch it with her. I didn’t want to watch it because it sounds like a stupid chick flick, so, finally, I told her I already saw it. And she said, “No, you didn’t.” And I said, “Yes, I did.” And she said, … Continued

Hoosier empathy

I miss Indiana. I know it sounds preposterous, but please hear me out. When I heard the Sherman Minton Bridge could be out of commission for up to three years, my first thought was probably like yours: Cool, I can live with that. If I played my cards right, I wouldn’t be going to Indiana … Continued

Tea and taxes

As President Barack Obama stood next to the Ohio River in Cincinnati — with the “functionally obsolete” Brent Spence Bridge carefully framed behind him for the cameras — he began his pitch for the American Jobs Act, a bill that would pump $50 billion into the economy to repair crumbling bridges and other aging infrastructure … Continued

Inbox — Sept. 28, 2011

Played Out Leave it to The Courier-Journal to partially report on the Louisville Orchestra’s current negotiations by allowing a Sept. 18 Op-Ed piece (by Chuck Maisch, president of the Louisville Orchestra Board of Directors) using its own past headlines, whether accurate or not. There was more circular business-speak gobbledy-gook in that article than a PowerPoint … Continued


<MUSIC> Thursday, Sept. 29 Ghost Wolves The Rudyard Kipling 422 W. Oak St. $TBD; 9 p.m. Do you wish the Black Keys had a female frontperson? Well, worry no more! The Ghost Wolves, from Austin, Texas, are coming to your Rudyard Kipling listening-room on Thursday to show you what the White Stripes might have … Continued

Pokey LaFarge’s good-time history lesson

The first thing you notice when you see Pokey LaFarge is that he dresses sharp and smiles big. When you hear him sing and strum with the South City Three, the next thing you’ll notice is that you’re stomping your foot, shaking your ass around and having a real fine time of it. “Things come … Continued

Video TapeWorm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 1991; $49.95, G When we’re not busy being God’s snarky, über-sophisticated gift to video reviews, we’re ordinary beer-spilling movie-slobs like you. So what do we watch for pleasure? Great stuff like this excellent Disney musical take on the classic tale of a beautiful girl who sacrifices her … Continued

Renewed energy

Earlier this month, the Kentucky Public Service Commission’s public hearing unfolded much like a game of dominoes. Held at Louisville’s Johnson Traditional Middle School, members of the scant crowd leaned into the microphone, one after another, their pleas all generally falling into line: Don’t raise our bills, protect low-income families who can’t afford ever-blooming energy … Continued

The Ascent of Everest may pique your interest

Nashville-based orchestral rock outfit The Ascent of Everest hope one day to become a “psychedelic happening at the orchestra hall”; until then, they’ll settle for the post-rock tag. LEO had a chance to catch up with lead guitarist/vocalist Devin Lamp to see if anyone in the band plans to scale Everest anytime soon, and how … Continued


Tonguing silver Silver Tongues will release their debut album, Black Kite, on local indie Karate Body Records this month. What began as a solo project evolved to become a full band, including past and present members of Wax Fang, The Fervor, Cabin and Follow the Train. Leader David Cronin took a few minutes during his … Continued

Film: The classy Lily Tomlin keeps it classic

“I’ve always wanted to be somebody, but I see now I should have been more specific.” — Lily Tomlin in “The Search” It’s hard to make it and even harder to keep it. But for a mainstay comedian like Lily Tomlin, the business of show business is just another art to master. A success in … Continued


Turn again to life “If I should die and leave you here a while, be not like others, sore undone, who keep long vigils by the silent dust and weep. For my sake, turn again to life and smile, nerving thy heart and trembling hand to do something to comfort weaker hearts than thine.” —From … Continued

Plugged In

Readers are strongly encouraged to call ahead to verify these listings. To get your musical act, comedian, open mic or karaoke listed, send e-mail to with PLUGGED IN in the subject line. The deadline is NOON THURSDAY the week before the show happens. We do not accept listings via social networking sites. WED SEP … Continued

Locavore Lore: Happy pigs make for a happy meal

A few months ago, I wrote about my month-long vegan challenge. Since then, I’ve been wrestling with my food choices, trying to decide which path I want to take. I’m definitely not vegan; the further away I get from the challenge, the more apparent that has become. But it has made me much more aware … Continued

Industry Standard: Insider info for those who dine out

Who gets to rock the color white after Labor Day and all year ’round? Millions of us chefs and cooks all over the world. Our uniforms are called “chef’s whites.” Although the entire ensemble isn’t always white, the jacket, apron and toque (hat) usually are. For verbal shorthand, we just say “whites,” as in “Good … Continued

Bar Belle: Thanks, bitches

Like Justin Bieber, I, too, want to say thank you so much not only to God but to Jesus. Without them — and I’ll go ahead and throw in the Holy Spirit and Easter Bunny — I wouldn’t have this impeccable, resilient liver that makes this column possible. Thank you, LEO readers, for voting me … Continued

Culture: Podcasts you might be missing

Last year, Matthew Parris, host of the BBC series “Great Lives,” was voted the 49th Most Influential LGBT Person in the United Kingdom. How various organizations come up with such ranking systems is a bit dodgy, but that’s not really the issue here. The issue is that from listening to Parris’ self-presentation on his program, … Continued

Comedy: The evolution of comedian Doug Benson

Doug Benson’s “The Benson Interruption” is comedy progress, and not just in format. A new spin on the tired comedy showcase, the show is simultaneously classic and contemporary — and hilariously different. Just like Benson himself. The show was born as a live performance in Los Angeles, moved to a six-episode run on Comedy Central, … Continued

Book: Jack Reacher’s creator comes to the library

Lee Child doesn’t mind it when his writing style is described as “off the cuff.” With his charming but direct British accent, he is forthright and open about how he plots his suspense thrillers — without benefit of detailed outlining, journals or stacks of note cards. He works from basic ideas that stick in his … Continued

Art: KMAC gives a nod to its members

Artists are people, too. There are artists next door, down the block and in the next county. If you ever need to be reminded that artists surround you, these two exhibitions at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft will certainly help. “Kentucky Biennial II: KMAC Artist Members’ Show” is on the first floor. Karen … Continued

Red Mars

Guitarist Loren Connors toiled for decades in near-willful obscurity, self-releasing his recorded output under multiple pseudonyms. Only rarely in his early years did Connors work with other musicians, and as a result of his relative isolation, he developed a singular, insular style of playing guitar that, while inspired by the blues, thankfully never sounds “bluesy.” … Continued


Band forms in the middle of a revolution, singing heartfelt folk songs with electric guitars. The world notices. OK, maybe not the “world” — that’s a pretty damn big place — but every Highlands-type neighborhood in America. That narrows it down a bit, no? Still, it’s a pretty broad fanbase for what is essentially desert … Continued

Old Scratch

Trophy Wives are not afraid of the past. Seemingly random pieces of Louisville mainstays like Lords, Coliseum and Young Widows coalesced into a band that takes some of the best elements of hard rock, punk and indie and melts them down to base elements while creating a fist-pumping album that sounds as commercially viable as … Continued

Diamonds & Death

The eclecticism on Diamonds & Death, the third album by VHS or Beta, reflects the broad palette the band exhibits when performing DJ sets and remixing other artists. With all-encompassing musical sensibilities, the band deftly combines familiar elements from disco and electro-house with live drums, slick guitars and even the high-energy arpeggios of Italo. With … Continued